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799, Cape Weaver Ploceus capensis (see species summary here)

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Record statusACCEPTED
Vm26225 [on-line data upload (2017-05-28): 289997]
SpeciesCape Weaver
Observer(s)Oschadleus HD
Country, town, locusSouth Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town,
LocalityKeert de Koe H2A, third
Latitude, longitude-33.9628, 18.49254 [0 m accuracy]
Notesold nests, 1 green nest
Nest count7
Nest sitetree

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History of repeat colony counts

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vmSpecies codeDateNestsNotes
182807997/11/201507+ nests, 1 male, 1 female, bit further than MW colony
1831479915/11/20150at least 7 nests, 1 male
1834479921/11/20150male, at least 8 nests
184357996/12/20150male in colony, 4 nests seen but may be more
1859479925/12/20150at least 4 nests
187777997/2/20166old nests
1893179928/2/20160at least 3 nests
1900979913/3/20166Only Cape Sparrows roosting in weaver nests: N1: 1 csp, m,NBN, hd tuck N2: 1 csp, f, brN, hd
1909179910/4/201644 old nests (also strands of 2 nests), no roosting birds
192757998/5/20163green nest, 2 old nests; 2 broken nests
1951279922/5/201644 green nests, plus strands of old nest
1963479929/5/201655 newish nests, strands of old nests
201718035/6/20165night checks: N0: sp/w flew out early N1: 1smw m, NBN, hd N2: 1smw f, NBN, hd
2199580326/6/20168night checks - N1: 1mw f, NBN], hd N2: 1mw m, NBN, hd N3: 1mw f, brN, hd N4-5: no info
2208980310/7/20169old and new nests
2340780331/7/201611N1: 1mw m, NBN, hd N2: f out N3: w out
240117997/8/20160CW male and nests present, also SMW male nearby, 13 nests total (unsure how many CW or SMW)
241877994/9/20161312 nests + 1 nest opp side of canal, looks like CW nests
2434179928/9/20161514 nests + 1 opp, maybe some SMW nests
2440809/10/201613SMW + CW nests, green + breeding nests
2470779913/11/20165mixed colony - 5 old CW nests, 6 SMW nests (some active)
2475180327/11/201644 nests (with 2 old CW nests)
2485280325/12/20169breed N, green nest
2493080312/1/201710some old breeding nests
2499080328/1/201710old nests; hole in nest (predator)
2622579928/5/20177old nests, 1 green nest
2637779923/7/20176CW nests (male MW near)
264167996/8/20175green + breed nests [also 1 SMW nest not in photo] [opp droppings but no Hadeda nest]
264797993/9/2017114+7 nests
2650879916/9/20178green + breed nests - droppings below 1 nest
2672179912/11/201714eggshell + droppings below nests
2736279913/5/20185old nests, CW heard
274047993/6/201810old + new nests, male
277937996/10/201811breed nest, green nest
2813979923/12/20188old (opposite)
2822879920/1/20196old [prob missed 2N]
2846879912/5/20198very old N

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