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Total nests counted for PHOWN in this query: 311

Species totals for this query:

783Sociable Weaver4
790Dark-backed Weaver1
791Spectacled Weaver1
792Lesser Masked Weaver1
793Red-headed Weaver1
797Village Weaver1
799Cape Weaver7
803Southern Masked Weaver3

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Vm 30428

Vm 24944

Vm 19028

Vm 18517

Vm 18514

Vm 18513

Vm 18385

Vm 9450

Vm 9446

Vm 7258

Vm 7182

Vm 4856

Vm 4245

Vm 4167

Vm 1587

Vm 1582

Vm 1387

Vm 572

List of all PHOWN records for this query

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572, 2011/1/29,Cape Weaver, South Africa, Farm Laaiplaats, Ruiterbos area
1387, 2011/10/18,Cape Weaver, South Africa, Farm Laaiplaats, Ruiterbos area
1582, 2011/11/22,Cape Weaver, South Africa, Wittedrift, Heuwel Street,
1587, 2011/11/15,Red-headed Weaver, South Africa, 27 Raptors View, Hoedspruit
4167, 2012/11/30,Dark-backed weaver, South Africa, isimangoliso
4245, 2012/12/5,Ploceus capensis, South Africa, 52 Heuwel Street, Wittedrift
4856, 2012/12/22,Lesser Masked Weaver , South Africa, Hotel school [Near Knoppiesdoring Rd]
7182, 2013/10/3,Specktacled Weaver, South Africa, Blyde Backpackers
7258, 2013/10/3,Cape weaver, South Africa, Farm bordering Anysberg Nature Reserve, Little Karoo.
9446, 2014/3/7,Boomslang, South Africa, Benfontein Farm
9450, 2014/3/7,boomslang, South Africa, Benfontein Farm
18385, 2007/1/7,, South Africa, Shayamoya Game Lodge
18513, 2013/12/7,, South Africa, Craddock Str
18514, 2015/12/16,Southern Masked Weaver, South Africa, Craddock Str
18517, 2014/9/13,Cape Weaver, South Africa, Grotto Bay on the West Coast
19028, 2016/3/13,Sociable Weaver, South Africa, near Kuruman 27*39'06.5S 23*24'08.7E
24944, 2016/12/30,Cape Weaver, Southern Masked-weaver, Spectacled Weaver, South Africa, Private garden, 6 Salix Lane, Schoenmakerskop, outside Port Elizabeth
30428, 2021/12/23,Southern Masked Weaver, South Africa, Farm Hartebeestefontein
200163, 2011/11/7,Sociable Weaver, South Africa, Tswalu Kalahari, col 125