General facts

Photo: adult male Kilombero Weaver (by Paul Oliver)

Most numerous land birdRed-billed Queleaabout 1500 million birds
Most recently discovered weaverKilombero Weaver1990
Longest tailed weavermale Long-tailed Widow319-411-499 mm
Eye colourMostly red, pale (cream to white) or brownRufous-tailed Weaver: bluish-white

Breeding facts

Photo: Sociable Weaver nest

Largest nestSociable Weaverup to 7m diameter, weight up to 1 ton
Most finely woven nestCassin's MalimbeCollias & Collias 1998, Wilson Bulletin 110(1):28-44
Smallest weaver eggScaly-feathered Finch15.7 x 11.3 mm
Largest weaver eggRed-billed Buffalo-Weaver28.3 x 19.9 mm
Egg coloursusu white, cream, blue or greenish
plain or marked
2 unusual types:
Bob-tailed Weaver: dark grey
S Brown-throated Weaver: dark chocolate-brown (some)

Ringing facts

Red-billed Quelea movement

Furthest movement by a weaver Red-billed Quelea2544 km, ring AE10821
Oldest weaver in the wildSouthern Masked Weaver15y 4m 13d, ring BB75791
Most ringed weaverRed-billed Quelea136698 (1948-2012)
Most reported weaverWhite-browed Sparrow-Weaver25x, ring 4H39154
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