Volunteer opportunities

Bird ringing

Learn about bird ringing and see birds close up! Ringing is a valuable tool in learning about bird movements, bird ages, and other aspects of a bird's biology.

Join ringing sessions in Cape Town by checking the Ringing calendar (check the calendar again the evening before joining a session, to check that there has not been a change.

See photo galleries and other web sites about ringing at the Ringing sitemap

To join ringing sessions in southern Africa, email Dieter for contact details.

Help monitor weaver colonies

Take part in PHOWN (Photos of Weaver Nests), a Virtual Museum (VM) project, to help monitor weaver breeding throughout Africa to southern Asia.
To take part you need to first register as an ADU participant here.
Then find a weaver colony, take photos and count the nests, and identify the species if you can. Read a more detailed description here.
Note that to submit the record, you cannot use Internet Explorer - unfortunately it does not work for uploading photos. The VM web gives links to other free browsers if you don't already have one (eg Firefox, Chrome).
Then fill in the web form to upload the record!
See the most recent submissions here.


Arnia van Vuuren - 2012 - finding references for weaver bibliography

Emma Lee - 2013 - produced graphs of breeding seasons for weavers, see here.