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803, Southern Masked Weaver Ploceus velatus (see species summary here)

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Record statusACCEPTED
Vm26224 [on-line data upload (2017-05-28): 289991]
SpeciesSouthern Masked Weaver
Observer(s)Oschadleus HD
Country, town, locusSouth Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town,
LocalityKeert de Koe H1B, second
Latitude, longitude-33.96277, 18.49227 [0 m accuracy]
Notes2 old NBN, new green nest, later male in colony (no nests in first bush of this colony)
Nest count3
Nest sitetree

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History of repeat colony counts

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vmSpecies codeDateNestsNotes
1208080310/8/20141This incipient colony is about 40m west of where the thin branches used by the colony were removed at the end of last breeding season.
1687380326/7/20153male building green nest
169288032/8/20154male still building
1761680320/9/201571 male, at least 1 female
1819480329/10/20158male, female out low breeding nest, green nest
182798037/11/20159female out, 1 male
1831380315/11/20159female out low nest, female 2 fed chicks in high nest, 1 male
1834380321/11/201591 male, female fed chicks
184368036/12/201596 nests far+3nests closer, seems same male in both sub-colonies
1859380325/12/201503 or 4 nests
186448033/1/201633 nests plus some strands, 1 male
1867980310/1/20160at least 2 nests, think 1 breeding nest
1900880313/3/20161also night check (no photo) - no birds roosting in nest
1909080310/4/20161old nest, no roosting birds
1951180322/5/20162green nests
1963380329/5/201633 newish nests
201708035/6/20163night checks: N1: 1 smw imm m?, NBN, hd
2199480326/6/20163night checks - N1: 1mw f, NBN, hd] N2: 1mw f, brN, hd N3: 1mw f, brN, hd
2208880310/7/201632 breed nests seems, no weavers seen
2254780317/7/20164at least 4 nests, male at green nest
2339680330/7/201603+ nests
2340680331/7/201665 nests + 1 nest bit closer (photo 3)
240108037/8/201676 nests plus 1 bit farther
241868034/9/201610male nearby (birdpix 29332), green nest, breeding nest, 3+7 nests
2422180311/9/201604+ nests
2431980325/9/201655+ nests
2434280328/9/201655 nests + ring, female in, 2 males seen
243738032/10/20160>5 nests, male
244078039/10/20168think SMW 3N, CW 5N, green nests+breeding nests, Boubou near nests (birdpix 30971)
2470680313/11/201673+4 nests, breeding + green nests
2475080327/11/201697+2 nests; later male mated with female on twig near nests; breeding nest
247838036/12/201611breeding nest, SMW heard
2482280316/12/201607 nests in photo from far
2485180325/12/2016129+3 nests, many droppings below breed nest
2492980312/1/2017104+6 nests, 1 breed nest with big hole (prob predator), c 2 breed nests
2498980328/1/201783+5 nests; old broken nest (predator), green nest
2505080312/2/201772+5 nests
2519380326/3/201772+5 old
2618180330/4/201701+ nests, from far
2622480328/5/201732 old NBN, new green nest, later male in colony (no nests in first bush of this colony)
2637680323/7/201792 green nests, female near
264148036/8/201711some breed nests
264788033/9/201712mostly SMW nests seems; 2 chicks looking out nest
2650680316/9/201713green nest; old breed nest - many mites
2671980312/11/201783+5N, female out, green nest
274028033/6/201843 new + 1 old nest; female flew out nest 1
2761480322/7/20180from far
277927996/10/201862(1 green)+2+2N - all NBN
2793480311/11/201864+2 nests (think), droppings below, green+breeding nests
281118038/12/20180from far
2813780323/12/201832 NBN, one lined nest (female out later)
2822680320/1/20192non breed nests [halfway in 1st house]
2846680312/5/20195green N, greenish N, rest old

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