Papers for PHOWN (PHOtos of Weaver Nests)

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Peer reviewed papers

Oschadleus HD, McCarthy A. 2015. Cape sparrows using weaver nests., African Journal of Ecology 53(2):249-252. (abstract)

Oschadleus HD. 2016. Nesting associations between vultures and weavers. Vulture News 70: 3-21. (pdf)

Oschadleus HD. 2018. Birds adopting weaver nests for breeding in Africa. Ostrich 89(2):131-138. (abstract)

Oschadleus HD. 2019. Raptors breeding on weaver nests in trees and on man-made structures. Ostrich 90(1):85-88. (abstract)

Russell DGD, Hansell M, Reilly M. 2013. Bird nests in museum collections: a rich resource for research. Avian Biology Research 6(2):178-182. (pdf)

Ornithological Observations and Biodiversity Observations papers

Oschadleus HD. 2012. Trapped! Weaver nests as death traps. Ornithological Observations 3:38-43 (pdf)

Oschadleus HD, Underhill LG. 2013. Photos of Weaver Nests: PHOWN progress report to December 2012. Ornithological Observations 4: 31-35 (pdf)

Harebottle DM, Oschadleus HD. 2014. Roadside densities and variation in nest size and structure of sociable weaver colonies near Prieska, Northern Cape, South Africa. Ornithological Observations 5:304-309 (pdf)

Oschadleus HD. 2014. PHOtos of Weaver Nests. Why PHOWN? Ornithological Observations 5:457-461 (pdf)

Spiby J. 2014. Not so friendly neighbours: Pygmy Falcon eating Sociable Weaver nestling. Ornithological Observations 5:357-360 (pdf)

de Swardt DH. 2014. Spotted Eagle-Owl nesting on top of Sociable Weaver nest. Ornithological Observations 5:355-356 (pdf)

Brown CJ, Bridgeford PA, Braine SG, Paxton M, Versveld W. 2015. Breeding data on the birds of Namibia: laying months, colony and clutch sizes and egg measurements. Ornithological Observations 6: 92-196 (pdf)

Oschadleus HD. 2015. Range limits of the Sociable Weaver. Ornithological Observations 6: 19-23 (pdf)

Oschadleus HD, Cronje P, Thorp C. 2015. Southern Masked Weavers nest earlier in suburban than rural areas. Ornithological Observations 6:68-72 (pdf)

Oschadleus HD, Werner L. 2015. Number of nests owned by individual Cape Weaver males. Ornithological Observations 6:197-201 (pdf)

Oschadleus HD. 2016. Nesting association between weavers and warblers (PHOWN 5). Biodiversity Observations 7.13: 1-4 (pdf)

Lowney A, Charlton LD. 2017. Cheetahs utilising Sociable Weaver structures at Tswalu Kalahari Reserve. Biodiversity Observations 8.19: 1-4 (pdf)

Schultz SJ. 2017. Common Fiscal pecking Cape Weaver nest. Biodiversity Observations 8.42:1-2 (pdf)

Presentations at the Pan-African Ornithological Congress

Underhill LG, Oschadleus HD. 2012. Weavers: Africa's awesome research opportunity. Abstr. Proceedings of the Pan-African Ornithological Congress 13: 4-5

Oschadleus HD. 2012. Variation in colony sizes and nest sites in weavers. Abstr. Proceedings of the Pan-African Ornithological Congress 13: 61