Bird ringing (bird banding) opportunities - help with research!

For anyone - See or touch birds close up!

Contact Dieter, see also bird ringing.

Ringing session
Southern Masked Weaver
Cape Bulbul
Common Waxbill
Lesser Swamp Warbler
Malachite Kingfisher

For ringers - ring amazing African birds! 1. African ringing expeditions

Expeditions to Fynbos in the Western Cape, and to Bushveld in Limpopo Province.
Click on African ringing expeditions to find out about 7-10 day bird ringing trips.
Dates: set tour dates to be set soon; in the meantime let me know your preferred dates (or month).


Ringing site

Some species caught in the Paardeberg

For ringers - ring amazing African birds! 2. Zululand ringing

Zululand ringing, KwaZulu-Natal, with birds4africa
Download Zululand ringing brochure (445 Kb)
Dates: set tour dates to be set soon; in the meantime let me know your preferred dates (or month).

Some species caught in Zululand

For trainees - contact Dieter for customised ringing training courses

Dieter has extensive experience in training ringers over 2 decades, at all levels in South Africa, Seychelles, and other African countries.

Some previous courses that Dieter led:

Mbour, Senegal, 22-26 October 2016 [after PAOC]
Bird ringing course, Fregate Island, Seychelles, 12-22 July 2015
Bird ringing course, Cousin & Cousine Islands, Seychelles, 11-16 Feb 2014
Barberspan ringing conference, 28 Nov - 1 Dec 2013
Ringing course, Zambia, 29 March - 6 April 2012
Bird ringing course, Cousin Island, Seychelles, 18-23 September 2011
Ringing & atlasing workshop, Barberspan, 9-16 March 2011
Ringing course in Port Elizabeth, May 2010
Barberspan ringing conference and more, 11-22 March 2010
Wakkerstroom Bird ringing course, 3-7 January 2005
SAFRING national ringing workshop, Landela, 2005
AEWA/AFRING ringing course, Kenya, 19-26 Sept 2004
Bird ringing course, Wakkerstroom, 3-10 January 2004
Bird ringing course, Wakkerstroom, 30 Nov - 6 Dec 2002
Bird ringing course, Lamberts Bay, 19-26 October 2002
SAFRING Wakkerstroom National Ringing Training Course, 1-8 December 2001
Seabird ringing course, Lamberts Bay, 13-20 October 2001

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Ringing on the Cape Peninsula

The aim of the ringing is to study survival and movements of Cape and Southern Masked Weavers on the Cape Peninsula, but all species that are caught are ringed. Anyone can come to watch or to learn to become a bird ringer. Ringing events on the Cape Peninsula are shown on the calendar. Ringing at Rondevlei is a fixed event (see more below). (If you are not familiar with Google Calendar, see hints below.)

Note: Most of my ringing is on Saturday mornings from sunrise until about mid morning, but you can come at any time. Many of the sites are in public areas with no facilities. Bring your own chair, hat, and refreshments. Ringing will be cancelled if it is raining.

Using this Google Calendar:
Ringing events - click on the event to see more details. If a locality is specified, click on "map" to open Google Maps and see the locality (the arrow shows where to park - the nets will be nearby).
Click on the arrow at the left top of the calendar to advance the months
If you have your own Google Calendar, you can click on a ringing event and then choose to add the event to your calendar.

Rondevlei ringing

The ringing at Rondevlei is geared to demonstrating ringing to the general public and is ideal for families with children - note that there is a small entry fee to Rondevlei.
Date & time: on the second Saturday of the month, 8am - about noon. Ringing will be cancelled if it is raining or during high winds.
This ringing is an Arocha project.