List of Weavers of the World

Aldabra Fody
Aldabra Fody
Zanzibar Bishop
Zanzibar Bishop
The A to Z of weavers: Aldabra Fody to Zanzibar Bishop
There are 117 living species of weavers globally (family Ploceidae).
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List of all living weavers below, with links to species pages

The scientific and English names, and Taxonomic sequence, in this list follows the Handbook of birds of the world Vol 15, except that here Aldabra Fody (*) is kept as a separate species from the Red-headed Fody, and the fody species are sorted as in Birds of the Malagasy region under Taxonomic order. The list below also contains the Ruvu Weaver, not yet accepted as a saparate species.

Described - from 2014 to 2016 the discovery and description of each weaver species will be covered in a weekly series and will then also appear under the releavnt species text. Select this list to see which species have been covered, in the order in which they were described.

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