Viewing PHOWN Virtual Museum records

To view photos of weaver nests, go to the Virtual Museum here. Click on the project, ie. Photos of Weaver Nests (or similarly, one of the other projects). This opens a search page. To view all accepted submissions, click on the first search button (without entering anything in the text box).
A listing of records appears - click on the record number or photo to see the full details and thumb prints of all the photos belonging to that record. You can navigate to other records using the buttons at the top of the record. You can view the photos at different resolutions by clicking the buttons below the photos.
To make a new search, click the Search button on the menu at the left. You can search by species or other criteria.
The menu on the left also provides maps, although these are restricted to South Africa (SA). To see records globally, see box below.

PHOWN summaries and records

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