Tracking PHOWN priorities: how colony sizes vary

All PHOWN records are valuable, but the list below will highlight particular priorities. Each priority has its own web page where the reason for the priority will be given, as well as showing automatic tracking progress. If you are able to contribute to any of these priorities, then please submit your record! More items will be added on a regular basis.

Species Monitor Date added
Thick-billed Weaver Colony size in expanding range 28/02/2012
Village Weaver Colony size vs latitude 05/03/2012
Olive-headed Weaver Species monitoring 20/03/2012

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PHOWN records for Kenya

2012-03-05 (196)
Colin Jackson submitted the second and third PHOWN records for Kenya, and both records are interesting for different reasons. Record VM 1976 is a large Village Weaver colony. Initial data in PHOWN indicates that there may be a latitudinal trend in colony sizes for this species. This hypothesis can be tested - the second PHOWN priority has a web page that tracks colony sizes for this species by latitude, and is updated every time a new colony (with counts) is accepted in PHOWN. See the PHOWN priority page here - at the bottom of this web page are some tips for counting large weaver colonies!

Colin's second record from Kenya is VM 1977 for a White-browed Sparrow-Weaver colony. Colin notes that this species is a new-comer to Ngulia in the past 2 years.

For all Kenyan PHOWN records, see here.

Photo: Village Weaver colony (Colin Jackson)

PHOWN priority 2: Village Weaver

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