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Bird ringing course, Cousin & Cousine Islands, Seychelles, 11-16 Feb 2014

2014-02-17 (484)

The conservation officers on Cousine Island (Julie Gane and Iain Olivier), and Nature Seychelles invited me to a follow-up bird ringing course on Cousine and Cousin Islands. Read about my previous visit to Cousin here.

Ringing on Cousin Island, 12-13 Feb

Research centre where I stayed

Seychelles Fody 'Black, Metal' still around!

Markus with Seychelles Blue Pigeon

Seychelles Blue Pigeon

Working on Cousin:
Hannah Edwards with a warbler, Tom Hiney the chief warden on Cousin, and April Burt (scientific coordinator for Nature Seychelles) ringing a fody

Fodies on Cousine Island, 13-15 Feb

Madagascar Fody, male

Madagascar Fody, female

Madagascar Fody, juvenile

Seychelles Fody female,
showing longer bill than in Madagascar Fody

On Cousine Island

Seychelles Warbler

Seychelles Magpie Robin, immature

Pool and ocean from the pavilion

Sunset from villa

On Praslin Island

On my first evening I stayed at the Reef Rescue centre. On my final evening Cousine Island put me in Villa des Alizes on Praslin Island. Both these sites were close to the airport where I found 3 nest sites of the Madagascar Fody.

phown 8867
Madagascar Fody, female at nest

Madagascar Fody, nest sites at airport

Villa des Alizes

Twin Otter, plane between mahe & Praslin

The Cousine team:
Dieter, Julie and Iain - I was able to register Julie and Iain as they had much previous experience - well done!

Species totals caught (ringed and recaptured)

Species no. Species Cousin Cousine
40 White-tailed Tropicbird 28 9
180 Wedge-tailed Shearwater   4
210 Moorhen   3
232 Turnstone 1  
302 Fairy Tern 1 5
1047 Madagascar Fody   10
1173 Zebra (Barred ground) Dove 1  
1174 Seychelles Blue Pigeon 1  
1175 Seychelles Magpie-robin 1 5
1176 Seychelles Warbler 3 5
1177 Seychelles Sunbird 3 12
1178 Seychelles Fody 48 59
1860 Madagascar Turtle-Dove 3 21
  Totals 90 133


Thanks to Julie Gane for organising the trip! Nature Seychelles and Mr Fred Keeley funded my trip. Thanks to the wonderful hospitality of all the staff and volunteers on both islands!