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803, Southern Masked Weaver Ploceus velatus (see species summary here)

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Record statusACCEPTED
Vm8655 [on-line data upload (2014-02-04): 67447]
SpeciesSouthern Masked Weaver
Observer(s)Venter S.
Country, town, locusSouth Africa, Gauteng, Pretoria,
Latitude, longitude-25.6991241768822, 28.1624034047127 [0 m accuracy]
NotesFemale move in and out of nest.Average time in the nest 17 minutes and outside 11 min. Time taken of three in and out sessions.
Nest count3
Nest sitetree

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vmSpecies codeDateNestsNotes
741180326/10/20132Observation starts, nest to the right has breeding activity, male busy building 2nd nest and maintain nest to the right
743680330/10/20132Male builds nest, female upon entering displays brood patch
74378032/11/20132Second nest displays new material
74388033/11/20132Male guards nest as female exits
74408035/11/20132Male look into active nest, female displays brood patch
74418036/11/20132Male repairs nest entrance, female ave 1 min in nest, ave 2 min outside
74438037/11/20132Female active in feeding, Male keep repairing active nest, intervals: inside ave 4 min / outside ave 3 min
74448038/11/201322nd nest becomes long elongated
744680311/11/20132Weather: thunder storm and rain, male seek shelter in 2nd nest
746780318/11/20132The chick/s came to the front entrance to be fed
748080320/11/20132Heavy rain later the evening, prior the storm female sat a distance from the nest flapping/vibrating her wings
748180321/11/20132No activity at the nest for most of the time observing. Noticed the female sat on the telephone line displaying her wings (vibrating/flapping). Notice a flight pattern and with closer observation found the little one (fledgling) sitting in the tree close to the nest and within the flight path of his mother.
748680325/11/20131Male still around but dismantled the second nest. Previously active nest still intact but showing some weathering. At times the male still display around the nests.
75988032/12/20131Male busy to demolish the second nest which produced positive fledglings
75998033/12/20131Male is clearing area from most previous nest material
785380322/12/20131Male started building 2013-12-21. On 2013-12-22 early morning he started to display. By mid-day a female inspected what was presented at the nest site and the male approach her while she was in the nest. After the female visited the nest the male continued to build.
810580331/12/20131A Female visited the nest site
81068033/1/20141Not much activity around the nest the 1st and 2nd of January.
81078034/1/20141Male displaying allot and cleaning the nest site
864080312/1/20141Male displays periodicaly
864180325/1/20141Male starts to build again after some time where no activity was observed
864280326/1/20141Male building first nest
864380327/1/20141Male working on the first nest
864480328/1/20141Male starts to build second nest and displays allot during observation
864580329/1/20142The nests are visited by females and the male displays at both completed nests
864680330/1/20142One female took entrance in the first nest build. When outside she arch and vibrate her tail. The mail will the approach and copulate.
864780331/1/20142Female move in and out of the first nest, lining it with feathers. Average time in the nest 12 minutes and outside 30 min. Time taken of three in and out sessions.
86558032/2/20143Female move in and out of nest.Average time in the nest 17 minutes and outside 11 min. Time taken of three in and out sessions.
86588033/2/20142Male dismantled second nest. Took him 39 min to totally destroy the nest. Female continue to move in and out of the first nest.Average time in the nest 14 minutes and outside 10 min. Time taken of three in and out sessions.
90928034/2/20142Female caries nest material to the nest. Average time in the nest 6 min and out of the nest 15 min
90918035/2/20142Average time in the nest 6 min and out of the nest 15 min
90938039/2/20142Average time in the nest 10.6 min and out of the nest 13 min
909480312/2/20142Average time in the nest 8.5 min and out of the nest 16 min
909580316/2/20142Average feeding intervals 14min
909680318/2/20142Average feeding intervals 42 min, male also feed intermittently.
909780321/2/20142Average feeding intervals 6 min
909880323/2/20142Average feeding intervals 10.6 min
909980327/2/20142One fledgling was out of the nest and female where feeding it deep in a shrub, the other was still calling from the nest. On the 28th both female and juveniles were not at the site anymore.
957180320/4/20140Nest was inactive until the Cut-Throat Finches moved in and are currently feeding chicks in the nest. Chicks are audible when parents are busy feeding them.

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Best: S Masked Weaver - old nest taken over by finches

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