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799, Cape Weaver Ploceus capensis (see species summary here)

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Record statusACCEPTED
Vm6896 [on-line data upload (2013-08-07): 48108]
SpeciesCape Weaver
Observer(s)Oschadleus HD
Country, town, locusSouth Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town,
LocalityPinelands 2 - Crescent Gums
Latitude, longitude-33.94145, 18.50538 [0 m accuracy]
NotesAt least 3 males; at least 1 female; 15+43 nests, chicks heard; Much activity: chasing, displaying, etc
Nest count58
Nest sitetree

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History of repeat colony counts

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vmSpecies codeDateNestsNotes
69007999/10/200570At least 8 males; at least 1 female; Much activity: chasing, displaying, etc,.
689479920/6/2006375 males; 10 green nests, the rest were old nests; 3 old nests in plane; Much activity: chasing, displaying, etc.
689579914/9/200658At least 4 males; at least 3 females; 3 females into nests or fed chicks; Much activity: chasing, displaying, etc
69027992/10/200751At least 7 males; at least 2 females; 31+20 nests,5+2 males. Hadeda nest not seen (or few old sticks)
68967996/10/200858At least 3 males; at least 1 female; 15+43 nests, chicks heard; Much activity: chasing, displaying, etc
26327994/8/201239at least 2 males, at least 1 female
28277994/9/201236at least 3 males, several breeding type nests
32397999/10/201231colony of 31 nests in gum trees [qv - but 1 male and 1 nest now in adjacent plane tree]
37477996/11/201231green nests present [qv 4 nests in plane]
42797999/12/201230no weavers seen
590679918/6/201322Old Hadeda nest; 1+ males, much activity: chasing, displaying, etc.
593079928/6/2013234 males, but 7 were seen (most likely from neighboring colony); 6 green nests and 1 ring; much activity
59757991/7/2013234 males (3 were seen); 5 green nests; less activity than usual; female visited and although no displaying
59767993/7/2013224 males, although saw about 6; there could possibly be more males in colony, or they may just be visiting; lots of displaying; 6 green nests; female was seen for long period of time in a nest
62017995/7/201326Possibly 5 males, although only saw 3; 6 green nests and 1 ring; Not as much activity as usual because of maintenance workers nearby and heavy wind
62027997/7/2013258 green nests and 1 ring; I believe there's 5 males with nest in colony, although I saw 7, probably from nearby colony; Female nested in a nest
628779912/7/2013276 males but saw about 8, probably from nearby colony; 14 green nests; two males seen copulating outside nests
674079930/7/201335About 6 residential males and 19 green nests; a lot of activity; 4 females seen inside different nests; black crows seen nearby and was told by resident that she had seen several predating on the nests; one male had nested in a subcolony in a nearby nest where there had previously been 2 old, abandoned nests
68467992/8/201339about 6 males and 21 green nests and 2 rings; much less activity than usual, despite good weather; 5 females seen inside different nests
1129179917/5/201423old nests, 23 nests in gum, 10 nests in nearby plane
1388079911/10/201426no weavers seen, 26 nests in gum [5 nests in plane tree]
1483779928/2/201518old nests, 18 nests in gum [6 nests in plane]
1891979927/2/201612in vith 16892
1900279913/3/2016155 nests with roosting single Cape Weavers or Cape Sparrow pairs: N1: 1 cw, f?, brN, hd tuck N2: 1 cw, m, NBN, hd tuck N3: 2 csp, m+f, brN [fs], hd /tuck N4: 2 csp, m+f, NBN, hd tuck N5: 1 cw, imm m [dark bill], NBN, hd
1908379910/4/201610weavers and sparrows roosting in nests, in vith 17291; N1: 1 csp, f?,brN, hd tuck N2: 1 csp, m,brN, hd tuck N3: 2 csp, m+f,brN, hd tuck N4: 1cw, f],brN, hd tuck N5: 1cw, m,NBN, hd tuck
192687998/5/201612green nest; N1: 1 cw f, brN, hd tuck; N2: 1 csp m, brN, hd; N3: 1 cw m, NBN, hd; N4: 1 csp m, brN, hd tuck; N5: 1 cw m, NBN, hd
201637995/6/20169night checks: N1: 1cw f, NBN, hd N2: 1csp m, brN], hd tuck N3: 1cw m, NBN, hd tuck N4: 1csp m, NBN], hd tuck N5: 1csp m, brN, hd
2198679926/6/201610night checks - Cape Sparrow and weaver - N1: 1csp m, NBN, hd tuck N2: 1cw [imm], NBN, hd N3: 1cw m, NBN, hd
2339979931/7/2016113+8 nests, in gum (vith 19304), N1: 1cw m, NBN, tail!
2615679921/4/20179birds roosting in old nests: male CW, pair of cape Sparrows
2653279924/9/20172old nests
2769879912/8/20180no nests, tree mostly leafless
2785479913/10/20180no nests

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