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793, Red-headed Weaver Anaplectes rubriceps (see species summary here)

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Record statusACCEPTED
Vm4152 [on-line data upload (2012-12-04): 27093]
SpeciesRed-headed Weaver
Observer(s)Harris Ann
Country, town, locusTanzania, , Mwanza,
LocalitySasakwa Hill, Grumeti Reserves, Serengeti
Latitude, longitude-2.0813888888889, 34.506111111111 [0 m accuracy]
NotesThere are THREE chicks. Male and female parents feed chicks, but mostly the male
Nest count4
Nest sitetree

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History of repeat colony counts

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vmSpecies codeDateNestsNotes
357179329/10/20124One male only, working on newest nest of four, in Albizia tree
41507931/12/201242 chicks in nest (repeat entry - chicks have hatched!!)
41517933/12/20124very windy day, hope the nest and chicks survive
41527934/12/20124There are THREE chicks. Male and female parents feed chicks, but mostly the male
505779320/1/20131Only one nest remaining. Female in nest and male in attendence
505879322/1/20130HEARTBREAK. Vervet monkeys broke the last remaining nest and stole the eggs.
508279323/1/20131Rebuilding began the day after nest destroyed. both male and female working feverishly.
51667935/2/20131Never give up! The monkeys have moved on and the red-heads are back! One mating pair
51677937/2/20131Building at great speed. Already lining the interior.
517479311/2/20131Building has stopped. Female spends nights in nest.
517579312/2/20131Female sitting :)
518079314/2/20130The monkeys are back
518179317/2/20130Broken blue egg shells, evidence of demise
518579319/2/20130Back shredding leaves to start rebuilding. Monkeys still around, I fear for the next clutch.
56037936/5/20131They're back, but moved two trees away!
56047938/5/20131Both male and female actively building
56057939/5/20131Female is rather bossy over building procedures!
562379320/5/20132The male has begun building a new nest whilst still working on the original one. The female has not been in attendance for 2 days.
562879322/5/20132Male working on both nests. Female observed entering original nest, but not exiting. Cannot see into nest chamber to see if she is sitting.
565579325/5/20132Building has stopped. Female is sitting, leaves nest occasionally for a few mins. Male nearby.
56617931/6/20132Chicks seem to have hatched - cannot see inside nest but can hear chirping. Female in and out of nest, male occasionally.
568379310/6/20132Three chicks! Both parents feeding.
571879312/6/20132Chicks growing
571979313/6/20132Both parents feeding. Diet has changed from soft green leaves to something that does not protrude from parents' beaks. Possibly seeds. Chicks have learned to reverse out nest cavity to defecate.
591279318/6/20132The 3 fledglings have left the nest.
719479322/9/20133A new nest has been built in the original albizia tree. The male is working on all three nests - the new one, plus last season's two in the neighbouring commiphora tree
719779328/9/20133Male has been displaying and female has been inspecting all 3 nests. 2-10-2013 female sitting in same nest as last season. Unfortunately I have to leave site again, but hope clutch is successful.
84167938/1/20145Male was first rebuilding lone albizia nest, then moved to the 3 commiphora nests, then started new commiphora nest. Female in lowest commiphora nest. A pair of bronze mannikins now relining and compacting albizia nest.
843379317/1/20146All 5 nests have been rejected. New building of a 6th nest has begun. Mannikins continue to renovate original nest.

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