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799, Cape Weaver Ploceus capensis (see species summary here)

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Record statusACCEPTED
Vm29131 [on-line data upload (2019-11-02): 502775]
SpeciesCape Weaver
Observer(s)Oschadleus HD
Country, town, locusSouth Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town,
LocalityPinelands 6 - cnr Ringwood opp Rust-en-Vrede
Latitude, longitude-33.936523, 18.516871 [0 m accuracy]
Notesgreen N, male heard
Nest count7
Nest sitetree

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History of repeat colony counts

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vmSpecies codeDateNestsNotes
25387994/7/20127at least 3 males, some green nests, pine tree, probably overflow colony on opposite side of road
26367994/8/201217at least 1 male
28317994/9/201219at least 1 male; pine tree
32377999/10/201221eggshells on ground; 2 males
37457996/11/201224green nest, eggshell on ground
42837999/12/201223no weavers seen
591079918/6/2013101 green nest and 1 ring; 2 males; probably an overflow from Rust en Vrede
594079921/6/2013122 males; 2 green nests
594179926/6/201392 males; 3 green nests
594279928/6/201392 males; 3 green nests; females went inside one of nests
59837991/7/201382 males; 3 green nests
59847993/7/201382 males; 3 green nests and 1 ring; all green nests are getting old and fading; fairly certain female laid eggs in one of the nests, as she was seen inside the same nest five days ago
62097997/7/201394 green nests; 2 males; fairly certain female nested in a nest
629179912/7/201382 males; 5 green nests; 2 females frequenting nests; little activity
674479930/7/2013102 males and 3 green nests; female seen inside one nest
68507992/8/2013123 males and 9 green nests; a new male has nested on the North side of tree with 1 green nest, could be from another colony; female inside 1 nest
70767998/9/201310at least 1 male, starting to demolish nest
1129379917/5/20149old nests
1892279927/2/201612old nests
1900579913/3/201612Cape Weavers and Cape Sparrow roosting in nests: N1: 1 cw, f, NBN, hd N2: 1 cw, m, NBN, hd N3: 1 csp, m,NBN, hd tuck
1908779910/4/201613weavers and sparrows roosting in nests. N1: 1 csp, f,brN, hd N2: 1 csp, f,brN], hd tuck N3: 2 csp,m+f,brN, hd N4: 1 cw, m, NBN, hd tuck
192727998/5/201612N1: 1 csp?, NBN], hd N2: 1 cw m, NBN, hd tuck N3: 1 cw f?, brN, hd tuck
201677995/6/201613night checks: N1: 1csp f, NBN, hd N2: 1cw f, NBN, hd [tuck] N3: 1cw m, NBN, hd N4: 1csp f, brN, hd
2199079926/6/201613night checks - N1: 1cw f, NBN, hd - grN N2: 1cw m, NBN, hd tuck N3: 1cw m, NBN, hd tuck N4: 1cw m, NBN, hd - grN, far L
2340379931/7/2016129 nests + 3 far nests [+ring]; N1: out N2: 1cw m, NBN, hd
245737993/11/20161713+4 nests, greenish nest
248867991/1/20171713+4 old nests
2653679924/9/2017139+4N, male building
2785179913/10/20187no CWs now
291317992/11/20197green N, male heard
2920179929/11/20197seem old, no CWs
294897999/10/20207male heard [Mid Rd colony 0N]
302247999/10/20216double nest (lower green)
3080279917/6/202271 male, double nest

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