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799, Cape Weaver Ploceus capensis (see species summary here)

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Record statusACCEPTED
Vm28505 [on-line data upload (2019-06-04): 468454]
SpeciesCape Weaver
Observer(s)Oschadleus HD
Country, town, locusSouth Africa, Western Cape, Bellville,
LocalityJack Muller Park, park cnr
Latitude, longitude-33.89077, 18.630025 [0 m accuracy]
Notes18+opp 3 nests - most old but 3 green nests, 1 male; Red-headed Finch heard and eggshell on ground below old CW nest
Nest count21
Nest sitetree

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History of repeat colony counts

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vmSpecies codeDateNestsNotes
1803679917/10/201524green nest, female out of nest; Cape Sparrow nest near weaver nests; Red-headed Finch male investigating nest then perch in tree; on opposite side of tree to Masked Weaver colony
1820580329/10/20156male sleeping in nest
1833380321/11/201522 nests, 1 old breeding nest (low), 1 non br nest (high), male perched near cape weaver nests
1849680312/12/20151male building new nest
186608037/1/20160low branches cut off, so no nests left
1875179930/1/20160many old nests, no decent check due to car below colony
1903079921/3/201619Red-headed Finch visited top of old weaver nest, pair flew off; 2 nests greenish; male CW visited briefly - near nests (see birdpix 25075), also second CW in tree; old cape sparrow nests nearby; broken weaver nest
1910479917/4/201619old nests with 1 green nest; later male weaver seen in tree; also red-headed finch; Pied Barbet heard in distance
1935679915/5/20161917 old nests, 2 green nests; 2 males, 1 building, see also birdpix 26676; old sparrow nest nearby
2124279917/6/201623old nests, with 3 green nests, old cape sparrow nest, weaver & sparrows heard in fever tree, later some red-headed finches in tree
2254079917/7/201624green + old nests, 2+ males, female in nest, Pied barbet heard; later pair of Red-headed Finches investigating nests (birdpix 28307) - 3rd photo birdpix 28307
240197999/8/201619active, ringing at colony - 5 males and 2 females with brood patches caught (see Birdpix) - also heard weaver chicks; also 3 Redheaded Finches caught (see Birdpix); Rh Finch also seen investigating weaver nest; old sparrow nest in colony
242177999/9/201615no weavers seen now; red-headed finches heard in tree - female finch seen (and photos in last fever tree)
243907997/10/201615mostly old nests, 1 green partial nest but no weavers now; at 8am 2 Red-headed Finches preened in tree
2473179920/11/201615old nests, but male singing from nest
249007994/1/20179old nests, but S Masked Weaver hung from nest briefly singing before singing more in tree (see birdpix 33266)
2619379914/5/201786 old nests, 2 new, no weavers now
2631079918/6/20177old nests, one nest with green entrance; heard Red-headed Finches in trees; later (17.25pm) several CWs at nests
2644579926/8/201710male CV67999, green nest, female with feather, later female out
273117994/4/201813old nests, Red-headed Finches - eggshell on ground, male in nest, female on nest
274297996/6/2018133 males, 2 building [plus 1N opp side] - Rh Finches in next tree - see birdpix
2784779913/10/20181614N+2N opp side of tree; 2+chicks in nest, broken nest (avian predator?)
2812179922/12/201815old, 14+1N opp side of tree, [1N photo2 seemed green mw, but prob cw], with Cape Sparrow nests
2821379916/1/2019151+14 N old
2832179917/3/20191714 N old, full male at greenish nest, opp side 2 green nests
2840579927/4/20191612 old (incl 1 green), opp - photo 3 - 4N incl male bld green nest
2844579911/5/201917main side1 6N with 1 male hd tucked; main side2 7N no CWs seen, opp side 4N with 1 male + 1 female heads tucked; 6am dark (sunrise at 7.26am)
285057994/6/20192118+opp 3 nests - most old but 3 green nests, 1 male; Red-headed Finch heard and eggshell on ground below old CW nest
2918279925/11/20192926+3N opp, seems old
296257999/12/202027seems old nests, CW heard nearby, grass growing directly below colony used in some nests (eg photo1)
301938032/10/20211male building nest [untidy]
3082879929/6/20226grN, no CWs

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