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803, Southern Masked Weaver Ploceus velatus (see species summary here)

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Record statusACCEPTED
Vm26900 [on-line data upload (2018-01-03): 329355]
SpeciesSouthern Masked Weaver
Observer(s)Oschadleus HD
Country, town, locusSouth Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town,
LocalityKeert de Koe, opp Croft Rd
Latitude, longitude-33.9626217501872, 18.4905574321965 [0 m accuracy]
Nest count3
Nest sitetree

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History of repeat colony counts

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vmSpecies codeDateNestsNotes
1207980310/8/20141First record for this breeding season
1219480324/8/20141This colony has remained this one single nest since it was first seen on 10 August. Possibly no longer active.
136267995/10/20142There has been a single nest here for about two months. Cape Weaver female going in and out
1454580330/12/20141male building new nest
145828039/1/20151non-breeding nest
169268032/8/20150nest gone; male nearby briefly
1819380329/10/20151male at nest; Lantana bush further W to previous nests in bouganvilla
1831580315/11/20151male with new nest
1834580321/11/20151male starting new nest
184348036/12/201511 male, non breeding nest
1859280325/12/20151new ring
186438033/1/20161non breeding nest
1877180331/1/20160nests gone - trees/bushes have been trimmed
1950980322/5/20161male in partial breed plumage, building new nest
1963180329/5/20160strands of two nests left
220868039/7/20161new nest, male heard
2231080311/7/20161new ring - early evening
2254880317/7/20162male nearly full breeding plumage (birdpix 28320)
2339480330/7/20162male displaying, female investigating second nest
2341080331/7/20162N1: 1f mw, NBN, hd ?; male sleep twig (birdpix 28760)
240088037/8/20163male and female nearby
2403080314/8/20164female out of nest below green nest
2412780324/8/201662+ breeding nests
2415980329/8/20167male displaying - female investigating nest; female out breeding nest; male collecting material from grass on pavement (birdpix 29226)
241838034/9/20168male starting new nest; female into third nest from left (birdpix 29331)
2422480311/9/2016101 male (but maybe 2?), 7 nests main part, 3 nests left (photo 2), 2 females
2431680325/9/201610green nest, male, 2+ females - 1 female fed chicks, 1 female out
2434680328/9/201612TWO males in colony, maybe 6 nests each
243778032/10/201611photo 1 - 2 females feeding chicks; photo 2 - same 2 nests plus nest with incubating female (flew out); 2 males; left 6N (photo 3), right 5N
244168039/10/201662N left, 4N right - many nests gone, seems near deserted, 1 male seen later chasing (male?)
2441880312/10/20166Left: 2N, Right: 4N, female into nest, male seen at nest earlier
2454780330/10/20164old br nests; L: 3N, R: 1N
2470280313/11/201631 nest in tree on this side, male seen; later (10h25) a goshawk/sparrowhawk landed in tree near nests but flew off when I tried to get photo
2474280325/11/20162old breeding nest - seems predated; non breeding nest
2475980327/11/20162later male displayed from nest; shadow of nests in canal
247798036/12/20161male near non-breed nest (birdpix 32918)
2481980316/12/20162breeding nest
2484780325/12/20163NBN, green nest, breed nest - female out
2492580312/1/201722 breed nests, female flew out top nest
2498780328/1/20172male present
2622180328/5/20172still old nests, male heard nearby
2630580313/6/20171old nest, canal full due to storm last Wed
2630680316/6/20171newish nest (not the old nest from last visit)
263238033/7/20171male displayed from nest, female investigated, water level in canal down
263348038/7/20172new nest
2637480323/7/20172male nearby
264118036/8/20173male seen
2643180312/8/20171male build and display
2643280313/8/20171male at nest
2643980320/8/20172male build, female in top nest
2644380326/8/20173male build bottom green nest; females in both other nests
264758032/9/20173male near, females into top 2 nests
264808033/9/20173female caught in spring trap near nests
264918038/9/20173male, 2 females, female mid unringed
2650380316/9/20174male display new nest; female mid stole green grass from new nest and took into own nest as lining; later mid female to new nest but chased by male and flew to twig then mid nest; top female in (colour rings)
2653080324/9/20172male; mid & lower nests present, female fed mid (now upper) nest
265828031/10/20170nests gone, but male starting new nest
265928038/10/20171male building new nest
268298038/12/20172female nr nest
2683080310/12/20172female in/out of breeding nest (tail in photo2), male at non-breeding nest
2683180315/12/20172male heard, female out top nest
2692780314/1/20183male moulting out of breeding plumage
2722980318/3/20183old, now leaves grown around N3
2735980313/5/20180no nests, all 3 broken down
274008033/6/20181few new strands, male in tree
275748035/7/20181new nest
275778038/7/20181green nest
2764580315/7/20182male building high nest
2761280322/7/20181male present, non breed nest, higher nest gone
2770880312/8/20181male heard
2772480330/8/201822 non breed nests, new nest far left of first nest
277368039/9/20182male at new NBN; older nests orig position also non-breed (NBN)
2774679916/9/20182looks like CW taken over SMW site, male CW near nests but not seen building now [N2 gone]
2775679923/9/20181male display at nest, then perched nearby
277877996/10/20180nest gone - hedge trimmed, prob on 4 Oct [5 Oct already seen trimmed]

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