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803, Southern Masked Weaver Ploceus velatus (see species summary here)

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Record statusACCEPTED
Vm2606 [on-line data upload (2012-07-26): 20450]
SpeciesSouthern Masked Weaver
Observer(s)Jansen Dorine
Country, town, locusNamibia, , Otjiwarongo,
LocalityDiekmann farm, REST
Latitude, longitude-20.262772222222, 17.062158333333 [0 m accuracy]
NotesM5 arrives [colony summary: First nest started on 13-10-2006. Last nest destroyed on 13-01-2007. Nest tree was Jacaranda.]
Nest count5
Nest sitetree

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History of repeat colony counts

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vmSpecies codeDateNestsNotes
20020380313/10/20061One male (M1) starts building a nest in a Jacaranda tree in front of guestrooms
20019580324/10/20061Nest 1 almost finished, F checks it out, rival M harasses M1, F leaves
20019680329/10/20063Two more nests in progress
20019780330/10/20063M1 still single; M2 + F lining nest; M3 working on nest
20019880331/10/20063F inspects nest 1; M3 displaying (hanging under his nest)
2001998031/11/20064M4 starts building a nest
2002008032/11/200642 Fs inspect nest 1, one flies into the nest; Nearby two other colonies are progressing at the exact same rate
2002018038/11/20064M4 finishes nest with bulge on one side
20020280312/11/20064Nest 2's entrance changed to smaller opening and tunnel-like
260680313/11/20065M5 arrives [colony summary: First nest started on 13-10-2006. Last nest destroyed on 13-01-2007. Nest tree was Jacaranda.]
20020480316/11/20065Nest 5 still only a hoop
20020580318/11/20065M5 resumes building his nest
20020680321/11/20065Nest 1 chicks inside a couple of days ago, 1 chick visible, large compared to nest size; F1 and F3 flying in with insects; F inspects nest 5, flies inside
20020780322/11/20066Nest 6 started, nest 5 finished
20020880323/11/20067Nest 5 bulge unraveled; Nest 7 finished (started on 21 or 22/11)
20020980324/11/20068Nest 9 started (is in fact number 8); F inspects nest 6, which is only half finished; M6 and F displaying; F3 lining nest with grass inflorescences
20021080325/11/20068Nest 6 finished, F inspects it; Nest 3 has chicks
20021180326/11/20068F5 lines nest with grass inflorescences; F6 sticking around
20021280327/11/20068Nest 3 and nest 5 wiggle; Nest 4 abandoned
2002138033/12/20068Nest 6 has F occupant; Nest 3 and nest 7 same M owner
2002148035/12/20060View obstructed by leaves
2002158037/12/20060Leaves being snapped off of big ficus tree 5 meters away, can't see culprits
2002168039/12/20069Nest 8 started (is in fact number 9, so below numbers reversed))
20021780311/12/20069Found half an egg shell under colony
20021880312/12/20069M6 working on nest again, has not for ages
20021980313/12/20069At least 2 chicks chirping in nest 3; M8 still working on nest
20022080315/12/20069Nest 2 abandoned, don't know when; Black and white tailed cuckoo on nest 1, at least 3 weavers chase it away
20022180316/12/20069F3 flies in with grass inflorescences
20022280319/12/20069F3 brings in more building material; Nest 9 being built in the same spot as the old one that a storm tore of its twig; Nest 4 being repaired (the one with the bulge that was unraveled); F3 brings in food; F went into nest 8 (fastest inspection yet), it's not even finished; Black and white tailed cuckoo on nest 1 again
20022380320/12/20069F6 flies on and off with food; F8 comes home
20022480322/12/20069F8 arrives with lining; Nest 3 wiggles
20022580323/12/20068Nest 3 has come apart due to rain; Nest 10 started, actual tying of first blades of grass
20022680326/12/20060Nest 6 repaired by M and F; F9 has taken occupancy; Nest 10 a hoop; F7 can't get into nest, nest wiggles
20022780327/12/20060M10 slow but thorough builder; F7 can get into nest again
20022880328/12/20060Nest 10 finished; F inspects nest 9
20022980329/12/20060Heavy rain destroyed nest 1, 3, 4, and 6
20023080330/12/20060Woodpecker flies onto nest 5
2002318035/1/20070Only nest 6 still occupied
20023280313/1/20070Nest 6 on the ground with a tiny Diderick Cuckoo inside; nest had been pecked off [chick raised]

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