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815, Yellow-mantled Widowbird Euplectes macroura (see species summary here)

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Record statusACCEPTED
Vm25265 [on-line data upload (2017-04-06): 278136]
Specieseuplectes macrourus
Observer(s)de Cauwer R
Country, town, locusCongo (DRC), Katanga Province, Lubumbashi,
Localitykafubu Lodge/farm
Latitude, longitude-11.5501298392729, 28.126974105835 [1 m accuracy]
Nest count2
Nest siteother

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vmSpecies codeDateNestsNotes
1581779124/3/20155Nests were empty and abandoned - I have rarely found as much as 5 nests together for Ocularis.
179378016/10/20151414 nests ( some used-small lots new ) next to a man made dam . Note the soft plant "seed flufs " they use to make their nests "comfy" -
2432281511/4/20163This is a follow-up for euplectes Macr nesting ; (!!!NOT FOR PHOWN No 18780 - 6/2/16 is different place with no follow up.) 1) 11/4/16 - Found 3 nests empty, about 3m apart, with 1 male trying to attract females. He did seem to have more nests in other places as he often flew off towards other fixed places in the same valley.
2432381523/4/201632) note in picture IMG 0295 one of the nests was more complete 12 days later on the 23rd, but none had eggs or fledglings. *** MORE to follow in next report, in a different location at the Farm.
2432481524/4/20160Follow-up ; Observe a male hovering several times above different places but found no nests. Afterobserving him for several hours and going to the spot where he hovered and not finding any nests, I finally spotted 2 fledglings well camouflaged in the high grass. I observed them for a while, then the female came to feed them through the high grass, not from above as not to attract unwanted visitors, the male, very nervous, was then hovering above me, probably to worn about the intruder. The female finds all the food in the high grass without exposing herself and her chicks making them very difficult to find or spot. The chicks flew further away when I came too close, but always low down. Conclusion is that the chicks displace themselves in the grass and the females finds the food around them IMG 329 - Female with the chicks well hidden. IMG 334 - 2 Fledglings IMG 337 - 1 fledgling close up
2526481513/3/20172Nest was build in short grass in very shallow water. Male was surveying 2 nesting sites about 100m apart, one with eggs and 1 with female still lining (finishing) a nest.
2558280118/3/201755 nests in a tree above a water hole, only one was occupied with eggs, the others had finished breeding.

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Best: Holub's Golden Weaver - adults and eggs

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