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799, Cape Weaver Ploceus capensis (see species summary here)

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Record statusACCEPTED
Vm24201 [on-line data upload (2016-09-09): 233740]
SpeciesCape Weaver
Observer(s)Oschadleus HD
Country, town, locusSouth Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town,
LocalityIntaka, A1
Latitude, longitude-33.887936, 18.513944 [0 m accuracy]
Notes3+ males, 2+ females, SMW in colony, old Hadeda nest (red oval)
Nest count68
Nest sitetree

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History of repeat colony counts

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vmSpecies codeDateNestsNotes
2698032/11/201055 nests near path, 1 nest on bamboo rest in fever tree, 1 nest with 1 chick (ringed)
273779918/8/201242large colony in fever acacia this year; several males
42687995/12/201232Large colony. Fever tree. Single male seen in tree but not building. No new nests visible
505279918/1/201330about 30 nests, photos from Intaka Train, nests old
591779918/6/2013272 fever trees 20+7 nests; 6+ males; many old nests; Hadeda on nest
653679927/7/201339at least 2 males, Hadeda sitting on nest in drizzle
701579924/8/201343adult Hadeda on nest in colony; at least 6 males; 6 green nests; female into a nest
734179918/9/201342adult Hadeda on nest in colony; at least 1 male
735079924/10/201341at least 1 male, Hadeda on nest near weaver nests
1635779930/5/2015452 male weavers displaying; Hadeda on nest
1751879925/8/201560active, male starting new nest, at least 3 males, Hadeda nest empty
1885879915/2/201660c60 nests, old nests, no weavers. Hadeda pair on nest (1 arrived at 15h47) - but think no eggs yet. Cape White-eye briefly perched on side of weaver nest - prob to look for inverts
1903779921/3/201662adult Hadeda standing on nest in weaver colony (also birdpix 25078) - 2 Hadeda nest platforms next to each other; old weaver nests but 1 green nest
1910179917/4/201657mostly old nests, few green nests, 2 males in colony, no Hadeda on its old nest
2056679912/6/2016415+ males, several green nests, rest old, seems no Hadeda on its nest
220807999/7/2016414+ males displaying, Hadeda on nest in colony (birdpix 28136)
2415579928/8/201602+ males, female fed chicks (black circle), seems no hadeda on nest (red circle), several green nests
242008039/9/20160male SMW with 1 or 2 nests in large CW colony
245817995/11/20160many nests, Hadeda nest empty
2616479929/4/20170many old nests, no Hadeda nest seen
2621579927/5/20173434 nests in photo, male at nest, other males heard in colony
2694979927/1/20180many old nests, one with very long attachment
2755079923/6/201845at least 45N, old and new, females in, Hadeda nest with chicks (birdpix 55485)
2782979913/10/2018381+ male, unusual long attachments for 1 nest; Hadeda nest not seen
2845679911/5/201926most old N, 1 green nest (photo 2), male at nests - prob breaking down old N
299807998/5/2021203 males displaying, most nests old, some green nests
2999779919/5/20210many nests; Hadeda on nest in colony
3026779918/10/202118male building ring, no Hadeda noticed in quick look, 18N in photos - colony small
307417998/5/202228male building, Hadeda in tree [not sure if has nest]
3084879922/7/2022312+ males, many nests, Hadeda 3C big on twig begging from adult

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