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803, Southern Masked Weaver Ploceus velatus (see species summary here)

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Record statusACCEPTED
Vm24185 [on-line data upload (2016-09-04): 233283]
SpeciesSouthern Masked Weaver
Observer(s)Oschadleus HD
Country, town, locusSouth Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town,
LocalityKeert de Koe H1A, first
Latitude, longitude-33.96272, 18.49206 [0 m accuracy]
Notesmale display; third nest looks like Cape Weaver nest
Nest count2
Nest sitetree

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History of repeat colony counts

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vmSpecies codeDateNestsNotes
83780313/6/20111Nest half built, still open at back. Nest first observed on previous day, 12 June. This site had eight nests last year (which were not submitted to PHOWN)
83880314/6/20111Nest now nearly complete. Nest is above the canal on Bougainvillea shrub, built at end of long shoot sticking out over canal. The third picture shows the bird thinning the leaves on other branches.
85480326/6/20112This is the same colony as PHOWN 837 and PHOWN 838. There are now two nests.
85580310/7/20113This is the same colony has PHOWN 837 and 838. There are now three nests.
88880311/7/20113No birds in attendance; 1 newly constructed nest
93180324/7/20113PHOWN 837, 838, 854, 855 are the same colony. It still has three nests
94180330/7/20114this is the same nest as phown 837, 838, 854, 855, 931 and now has four nests (the 4th is under construction, on the left of the picture)
103580312/8/20112Only two nests remain. The nest built first and third have been destroyed. The last remains of these nests can be seen in the second and third photos
106180316/8/20113This is a fifth nest being built, the first and third were destroyed, a this nest is being build at the site of the third nest! (837, 838, 854, etc)
121580310/9/20113No weavers seen but very brief visit
18078038/1/201244 nests (2 + 1 + 1) in bushes high above canal
199580323/2/20124Still 4 nests left although breeding has stopped
1678380329/7/20123breeding nest [early]
469780313/12/20128This colony has had a varying number of nests since it started in June --- it is still active
555080327/4/20131This new nest is built in among the decomposing nests of the 2012 breeding season. It is the first nest to be built in this colony this year: early on 27 April
582780322/6/20133Three nests. From lower "brown" one I saw a female emerge and return a few minutes later. She is probably incubating. Since last year, the vegetation overhanging the river has been dramatically trimmed
591680329/6/20133Last photographed 22 June 2013, a week ago. Still three nests. See
61578037/7/20134The fourth nest had not been started four days ago, ie on 3 July, when last I checked the colony. Previous formal record is at
622380313/7/20132This colony had four nests six days earlier, on 7 July, three on one branch and a nest under construction. See --- the three older nests had been broken down by 10 July, leaving only the single new nest. A new nest is under construction at the end of the branch which had the three nests.
644980320/7/20132The older of the two nests at the last visit has been demolished and a new nest is being built in its place. (for previous visit see )
68258033/8/20133The oldest nest is just starting to be demolished. The time is 10h30.
68278034/8/2013310h00 on 4 August, nest is now well under way
69608039/8/20133Last week there was an old nest in the position of the leftmost nest in the photo. This was torn down earlier in the week, and on Wednesday this new nest was under construction.
698780317/8/20134There is a fourth nest. The male was performing at this nest, which had a female in it for most of the time I watched
702280325/8/20134The green nest is new, and it looks like it went wrong. The female is bringing leaves to the nest; lining??
70738037/9/201341 male, building new nest (cell phone photos)
726080329/9/20133The nest that has been destroyed was intact two days previously
726180312/10/20135For the first time this breeding season, there are five nests in this colony. Females were seen coming and going today.
727380316/10/20135The left hand branch has a third nest near the tip. This is the first time (I think) that this nest position has been used this year. The green just below the nest are the leaves of the branch, which have not been removed.
732580323/10/20136Top two nests on right hand side of photos both getting attention during a 5-minute visit
734480329/10/20135There are now 3 intact nests, 1 nest being deconstructed, and one new nest under construction
73818032/11/20132There were three nests on the 29th, one nearly broken up nest, and one under construction. Two of the three nests have been dismantled, and the partly built nest of the 29th appears to have been broken down and started again; when I checked on 1 November (ie yesterday) there was no nest on the end of the lower left branch
73878034/11/20132The nest that was under construction near the end of the left branch is not the same nest that was being built in this position two days ago, on 2/11. I observed that nest being demolished yesterday. This is a new nest a few cm up from the end of the branch
74058039/11/20132The left hand branch is now completely devoid of nests, apart from a few strands. The right hand branch has a nest under construction
741480312/11/20131Yet another nest is under construction. The old nest has been there for a while, the new nest is new since the records posted three days ago (09/11/2013)
744880317/11/20131Only one nest left in the colony now
748580323/11/20132A new nest has been constructed, this time at the end of the left hand branch!
752780326/11/20131The new nest that was on the end of the left branch three days ago has disappeared.
75968033/12/20130Probably the last photo for the breeding season for this colony. The left branch has no nests, and the last nest on the right branch has a hole through it.
76078038/12/20131Just as it seemed that breeding had ceased for the year, there is a new nest built on the left hand brach
765280311/12/20132The nest with the hole made by the predator on the right hand branch has been destroyed (photo 3), and a second nest has been built in the past three days at the end of the left hand branch (photo 2)
765780313/12/20132Still two nests
771880317/12/20133This little colony is back up to three nests!!
782380321/12/20132One nest broken down since last visit, the one at the tip of the right branch
806680328/12/20134Now back up to four nests!
80998037/1/20144The bottom left nest of the 28 December 2013 photo is gone, and has been replaced by a nest slightly higher up the same branch
82408039/1/20144Still four nests
842980316/1/20140Breeding is over for the year. In the past few days this "hedge" has been trimmed, and the two branches that were used by this weaver were trimmed. And so breeding, which started in April at this site, comes to an end for this season.
845080320/1/20140Labourers from Woodside Village trimmed the "hedge" on the boundary with the river. The removed the two branches which the Southern Masked Weaver had used this breeding season. The branches were stacked on the roadside. The adjacent neighbours saw the two branches with two nests each in the pile. They removed them from the pile and draped them on a tree, as shown. In the process, at least one egg fell out, so the nest were in active use. The weavers did not return to the nests.
1219580324/8/20141First nest of the season, back at the site that has been used for the past three years
1234780331/8/20141Same nest as on 24 August 2014; no changes
136278035/10/20142This was a thriving colony last year. This year this spot has had only a single nest, with a second nest, intermittently, about 30m downstread
1454480330/12/201433 nests, 1 a bit further away; female fed large chicks in nest
145818039/1/20152male in vicinity but nests old
1876180331/1/20165chicks heard; colony moved closer again, male heard
187768037/2/20165old nests, SMW heard nearby
1893080328/2/20165SMW and sparrow perched near nests
1900780313/3/20165no roosting birds in colony at night, photo 2 taken in morning
1908980310/4/20165old nests, no roosting birds
192748038/5/20163little more water in canal
1951080322/5/20162old nests
1963280329/5/20162old nests
201698035/6/20162old nests, no roosting birds
2199380326/6/20160night check - nests all gone
2208780310/7/20160still no nests
2254680317/7/20161new green nest
2340580331/7/20160nest gone
240098037/8/20160no nests
2403180314/8/20161male building new nest
2412880324/8/20163photo with cell phone; male near nests (2 nests circled, 3rd nest close but unclear); [another male displayed at twigs Keert Mid]
241858034/9/20162male display; third nest looks like Cape Weaver nest
2422280311/9/201603+ nests, green nest, chicks heard - think from here
2431880325/9/201633+ nests, also nests scattered closer - possibly built by immatures
2434379928/9/201632 nests CW, 1 nest may be SMW
243747992/10/20164also SMW?
2440609/10/20163seems 1 SMW nest, 2 CW nests
2474980327/11/20162male heard, female out nest
2482380316/12/20164male seen, also other male SMWs passing by
2485080325/12/20163juvenile flew out breed nest and landed in nearby bushes, 10.08am, heard male
2492880312/1/20172NBN (non breeding nests)
2498880328/1/20172green nest
2592380323/4/201711 nest from far
2618080330/4/20171greenish nest, from far
2622380328/5/20171old NBN
263358038/7/201707 nests from far photo, may include nests from col 1B
2637580323/7/201731 old (L), 2 newer NBN (1 green), male displayed
264138036/8/20174male display, female inside green nest to investigate (photo 1), NBN, broken nest, far old (think brN) nest
264768033/9/20174also CW nest
2650479916/9/201722 green N with SMW nests
265938038/10/201702+N from far
2671180329/10/201705+ nests
2671880312/11/201705+2 far N mw+cw [mw 2N, grN]
2736080313/5/201833 new nests, moulting/partial male building
274018033/6/201853 new nests and ring; bit further 1 new+1 old nest
2761380322/7/20186c6N, grN
277378039/9/20181210+2N; female out breeding nest
2774580316/9/20181311+2N, female out nest
277918036/10/2018112+7+2N, female out; chick in nest
2786480314/10/201810c10N, female out, green nest
2790180328/10/2018109+1N, male at far nest, female
2793380311/11/201812old, green, breeding nests
281108038/12/201808+N, male
2813680323/12/201812brN, old brN
2822580320/1/20191110+1N, breed nest, male
2835080330/3/20199old, 8+1 far nest, old brN
2839080324/4/201964+1 far old, 1 greenish nest
2846580312/5/20199green nest, greenish nest, rest old [1N far included]
2853580328/6/20196from far, female left nest & chicks heard
291428039/11/20191010N in photo
2917380322/11/20198male breaking nest; 8N in photo
2923880322/12/201955N in photo
3026480317/10/20217male, 2 females, male stripped leaves near colony; colony to right of small CW colony
307408038/5/20223male partial br dress near, 1 newish nest
3090780324/9/20222grN, male near

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