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799, Cape Weaver Ploceus capensis (see species summary here)

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Record statusACCEPTED
Vm11946 [on-line data upload (2014-07-29): 93917]
SpeciesCape Weaver
Observer(s)Oschadleus HD
Country, town, locusSouth Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town,
Latitude, longitude-34.0103034432374, 18.5257762670517 [0 m accuracy]
Notesfirst nest in colony for the new season
Nest count1
Nest sitereed

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History of repeat colony counts

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vmSpecies codeDateNestsNotes
53268039/11/20097nest in river after heavy rain on weekend caused river level to rise; 2 higher nests with eggs survived, 1 male seen
13380310/10/201018At least 1 male; Southern Masked and Cape Weaver nests interspersed along short stretch of bamboos next to Ottery Stream; nest count estimated (see VM 212)
17780315/10/201021Mixed colony (see also photo in next VM record), nests of Masked (think 21 nests) and Cape (think 16 nests) alternating along reed stretch. Active nests: 2 eggs; 2 chicks ringed
2607991/11/201020Cape Weavers steadily taking over what was a Masked Weaver colony last year; 4 active nests (eggs or chicks), 2 chicks ringed (nest just above river - see photo3)
88079917/7/201122 nests seem to be Cape weaver nests, 1 nest seems to be Southern Masked Weaver nest, males of both species present, bamboos
104680314/8/201131 breeding female, 1 male (with ring)
107780321/8/201131 male, 1 female breeding
140180322/10/201151 nest with 3 eggs, 1 nest with 1 chick - fed by colour ringed female
15108039/11/201151 nest with addled eggs; f investigating new nest
158480327/11/20116male building, one female visiting breeding nest regularly
16157995/12/2011241 chick ringed, many nests gone
177580329/12/201174 old nests in usual site, 3 more recent nests further along reed clump - one with 2 eggs
182480316/1/201231 nest with 2 chicks - ringed
203480328/3/201211 old nest left
227380326/4/201233 nests left, rest probably cut off by City trimming of bamboos
259079917/7/20123nests not present 1 week ago
260380323/7/20122female breeding
260979926/7/201271 male seen; nests in Spanish reed
262880330/7/201231 female, 1 male [second male in reeds with separate colony]
26928036/8/201231 male, 1 female
272380313/8/201231 female feeding chick
274980320/8/20123female feeding chick
279580328/8/20124male building new nest where previous breeding nest had been
1194679921/6/20141first nest in colony for the new season
1194779924/6/201422nd nest present
1194879927/6/20142third nest started; 1 previous nest gone
1194979930/6/201424th nest
1188879911/7/201441 male; 3 nests right side and 1 nest left - all built by same colour ringed male
1195179923/7/201442 males in colony now
1195279926/7/20145male 1 building, nest of male 2 out of sight here
1194479928/7/201477 nests built by 2 males, third male present today
120167992/8/201473 males
120627997/8/201471 male building, other 2 males not seen
1211679918/8/2014103 males present
1216279924/8/201461 male seen; prob 2 present
2480879915/12/20160old nests

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