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799, Cape Weaver Ploceus capensis (see species summary here)

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Record statusACCEPTED
Vm11873 [on-line data upload (2014-07-06): 90523]
SpeciesCape Weaver
Observer(s)Oschadleus HD
Country, town, locusSouth Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town,
LocalityDie Oog, poplars
Latitude, longitude-34.04829, 18.447163 [0 m accuracy]
Notesactive; Hadeda and 6 Reed Cormorants on nests in colony
Nest count34
Nest sitetree

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vmSpecies codeDateNestsNotes
651979926/7/200326at least 1 male
168677994/6/2005132 green nests, rest old, old Hadeda nest high in mid part of poplars, weavers seen around dam
1686879925/9/200533active - at least 3 males and 2 females
1686979929/9/20050ringing at Die Oog
1687079916/10/2005405 males, 2 females
1687579930/10/2005605 males, 2 females
716879919/6/2006418 males, one with nest material
1687679916/7/2006479 males; Seems no females breeding yet
1688079910/9/200653male fed a chick in a nest, female active in different nest
168817991/5/200767nests all old
168827995/6/20074Pop1: 2 new faded ring nests, Pop2 1 new ring + 1 new N
1688379929/6/200718males building; old and new nests present
1688479922/9/2007578 males
495079927/8/201048chicks heard
83679914/6/201133several poplars, 26 old nests, 7 new/green nests, some Cape Weavers calling nearby
8647997/7/20112929 new season\'s nests
92879926/7/20110These were the only pair that I saw and the only fresh nest that I noticed. It looks like the female is carrying lining material so the nest must be nearly ready. I also see that both birds have been ringed
93579929/7/201142The trees next to the walkway were just abuzz with Male Cape Weavers, all going about their business - I counted 10 in all ! The Colony comprises three natural \"clusters \" because of the tree positions and there were some 42 nests in total of which 15 are under construction, new, or semi-new. Working from South to North, Cluster 1 had 8 nests, 3 of which were being constructed, new or semi-new (3 males were active). Cluster 2 had 16 nests, 6 of which were under construction, new or semi-new (4 males were active). Cluster 3 had 18 nests, 6 of which were under construction, new or semi-new (4 males were active). I only observed 2 females in the vicinity of the Colony.
554379920/4/201355mostly old nests, male building on one nest but flew off before I could get a photo; old cormorant/egret nests
564479912/5/201343slightly green nest, rest old, some trees cut down due to waterbirds
576179917/6/2013207 males displaying; 5 males ringed
592279918/6/201322c14 greenish nests; 0 males but very windy; Hadeda on nest
654679917/7/20135725 nests in use and 6 rings; around 12 males; 3 banded birds were sighted
646879920/7/201350at least 6 males, one colour ringed; Hadeda on nest high in trees (weaver nests lower)
674679931/7/201354About 22 green nests and 3 rings and around 12 residential males; saw 5 banded birds, definitely saw the following 3 combinations: green/white yellow/metal; green/yellow white/metal; yellow/green orange/metal. Not positive these other 2 combinations are correct: white/red yellow/metal; red/white blue/metal. Female was also banded but she flew away too quick where I couldn't get down the combination. Not as much displaying activity because of people nearby
68527995/8/201367About 14 males and 37 green nests and 7 rings. Banded residential males seen: Green/White yellow/metal; green/yellow white/metal; yellow/green orange/metal; yellow/orange yellow/metal; green/white yellow/metal; orange/white blue/metal. Banded residential female seen: white/green orange/metal. 2 residential males banded green/white yellow/metal are nesting next to each other. Chicks heard in one nest. Hadeda in nest.
70697995/9/201357at least 11 males, some building green nests; female with nest lining
70707997/9/201358c9 green nests, at least 8 males; trail camera photos at same position but different times (c 6h20, 7h20, 9h20)
1187079917/9/201354at least 9 green nests, many old nests
716679929/9/20130many nests and males; female feeding chicks in nest; male with nest material
71867995/10/201358recently fledged juvenile, 2 males + several females caught for ringing
736579926/10/201307 chicks ringed, 2 nests with eggs
118717999/6/201430old and green nests, female at nest; Hadeda and Reed Cormorants breeding in colony
1187279920/6/201433active colony; Hadeda and 6 Reed Cormorants on nests in colony
118677992/7/20140At least 12 males actively building nests, some nests are already completed.
118737994/7/201434active; Hadeda and 6 Reed Cormorants on nests in colony
1189179911/7/201443active colony, with Reed Cormorants and Hadeda nest (with 3 small chicks); male weaver starting to dismantle nest
120217993/8/2014602 Reed Cormorant chicks in nest; weaver nests active
1688579930/8/2014694 males and 9 females ringed; Hadeda on new high nest, cormorants on nests
1372479910/10/201478weavers active with several breeding females; Reed Cormorants also very active with many new nests going high in the poplar tree.
1383579911/10/201440As one of the weavers was making his nest a piece of grass got stuck around his ring on his foot. He spent some time pulling it out and then pecked at the rings for a long time. In the same tree were at least 20 reed cormorant nests
1388279921/10/201470active, colour ringed males and females; Reed Cormorants adults and chicks present, poplars very leafy now
1439279930/11/20140weaver colony seems deserted, still 2 large Reed Cormorant chicks high in poplars
1450179917/12/201476breeding of weavers & cormorants finished
146887997/2/20150many old nests, no weavers (nor cormorants)
149127992/3/201572mostly old nests, 1 green nest, several males in partial breed plumage building
168867999/3/201568some new nests, most old; cormorant nests empty
1589079912/4/201576old + new nests, weavers heard; cormorant nests still empty; water level low
1634279917/5/201562mostly old nests, 1 green nest, heronry still deserted
1634579924/5/201562mostly old nests but 1 new green nest; 1 or 2 male weavers seen; Reed Cormorant nests still deserted
1636179930/5/201552No activity seen at the nests, though there was quite a lot of activity nearby.
164537998/6/201553Males actively building nests, with some appearing to be building upon old nests.
1667379914/6/201554female investigating nest, 8 males displaying, most nests old but several green, no waterbirds nesting yet
1677879921/6/201550many old nests, some green and few green rings, at least 3 males
1680579928/6/201548many old nests, several new rings, green nest, 2+ males
168177995/7/201547at least 5 males
1686579925/7/201552at least 6 males; Hadeda on nest in weaver colony
1718479910/8/201561Males very active around the main colony, though females were not seen visiting any of the nests. One male was seen taking downy material into one of the completed nests. Hadeda Ibis and Reed Cormorants were nesting in the same tree.
1739379916/8/201562A female were observed bringing nesting material into a nest while others were seen checking out different nests. Males were still actively building and taking apart nests. There are 10 active Reed Cormorant nests along with a single Hadeda Ibis nest.
1743779920/8/201568Males interacting with one another frequently. Copulation observed.
1753579929/8/201577active, 7+ males, several females; 8 Reed Cormorants on nests, Hadeda with large chick on nest
1758279912/9/2015749 active Reed Cormorant nests, at least 3 of which have chicks. Hadeda nest has a single chick that looks like it will fledge soon. 42 nests in the right poplar, 32 in the left, and 5 on the other side of the pond, which may be Southern Masked.
1761779920/9/201577Active building of new nests by largely non-colour ringed birds was apparent. At least two other nests have chicks inside. 8 active Reed Cormorant nests with at least 15 chicks. Hadeda nest no longer occupied.
1766079922/9/20155656 in 2 trees nests- all may not be active
1777479926/9/201582Some birds were touching up their nests with small pieces of grass, while others were actively bringing material for inside the nest. Calls of chicks inside the nests could be heard. Cormorant chicks are getting quite big.
179267995/10/201581active, many males and several females; Reed Cormorant chicks large
1799579911/10/201580Some birds were actively taking apart nests while others were bringing in material. Cormorant chicks are getting quite large, very few were seen staying strictly to the nest.
1806279918/10/201583active - 2 females fed chicks; 2 males with metal rings; 12 Reed Cormorant juvs off nests but on nearby branches with adults visiting to feed them
1816379927/10/201582Some males were actively calling at the poplars, though activity is way down. Only one parent + juvenile Reed Cormorant pair seen, where the adult was feeding the juvenile. Otherwise no active nests.
1822379931/10/201592several female weavers fed chicks; 2 juvenile Reed Cormorants left
182747997/11/2015953+ males, 3+ females; 1 Reed Cormorant in colony but flew off later
1830879914/11/2015964+ males, 2+ females; no cormorants
184277995/12/201599no weavers in colony but weavers at Die Oog
1871679917/1/20160many old nests, no weavers or cormorants seen
1888679921/2/20160many old nests, but several weavers at nests - brief displays, calling, flying about
1902379919/3/201696old nests; 41N near old cormorant nests + 3N behind + 52N right; one slightly green nest; male seen in willows
190797999/4/20168132 old nests near old cormorant nests + 49 nests - latter including 2 or 3 newer nests; several males displaying
192617997/5/201655only old nests seen, several tatty nests, no weavers now
199587994/6/20164141 complete nests - old, except 2 slightly greenish nests, many strands and partial nests, no weavers present; some cormorant nests falling apart
2038279911/6/20163131 old nests (more or less complete), plus many strands of broken nests, 1 nest with a bit of green material; weaver heard
220577992/7/2016331 immature male and 2 adult males in colony (birdpix 28037); several green nests, rest old; poplars few leaves
222717997/7/20160one very brave Weaver who has built it's nest despite being 1 legged; f/b
2316579923/7/2016528+ males (birdpix 28544) building and displaying, 1+ female, several green nests, L: 24N and 5 males, R: 28N 3+m
2402979913/8/201656active, 4+ males, 2+ females, green nests & rings, chicks heard, 26 L + 30 R nests, Reed Cormorant nests breaking up
241787993/9/201658Rt: 31 nests and 5+ males; Left: 27 nests and 4+ males; 1+ female, 2 old cormorant nests left, some colour ringed males (see birdpix)
243657991/10/2016757+ males, including colour rings (birdpix 30654); 4+ females; 35 nests left, 40 nests right, sev green nests; Reed Cormorant pair rest in tree (birdpix 30649) but not breeding
2454579929/10/201680L: 34 nests, green nest, female in, 2+ males; R: 46 nests, green nest with hole, female in, 2+ males
2476479927/11/201681female fed chicks; 33+48 nests
247767993/12/201677chicks heard; plus 1 nest in oaks at end; L 33N+R 44; 5 weavers caught, males moulting out of breed plumage
248807991/1/20178033 L +47 R nests, no weavers seen in short visit
2505779912/2/201779triple nests; L=35 old nests, R=44, heard CWs
2518779925/3/201768old nests: 30 L + 38 R, Reed Cormorant nests all fallen down/gone (but 2 adults in water - birdpix 35712), water level very low
2616179922/4/20176434 old nests right, 30 left, CWs heard in last oaks, water level low
262997999/6/201740many old nests 22 R + 18 L, 5 green, 4+ males and 1 female in colony, including colour-ringed males (see Birdpix), water level low but up a bit since storm on 7 June
263317991/7/201737left: 18 nests (green, 2 males), right: 19 nests (2 green, 1 male); male with colour rings (birdpix 38500), Hadeda (birdpix 38501); MW heard
264097995/8/20175710+ males, 2+ females, Rt 24N, left 33N, some colour ringed males; Hadeda pair sat near CW nests long time but do not seem to have own nest yet
2644279919/8/201766males, females; Rt 25N, Left: 39+2N
264957999/9/201767L 43, R 24 nests, 8+ males, 6 females with brood patches caught, green nests
265917998/10/201777L 50N, Rt 27N; 5+ males, female, green nests; Hadeda in tree but not on nest
2683579930/11/20178129N Rt + 52N Left, old, leafy trees
273527995/5/201861water level very low; 16 Rt + 41 L + 4N
275687997/7/201828L 12N, 2+ males; Rt: 16N, 5+ males, 1 female into nest with material, sev green nests
2765079928/7/201835some breeding males and females ringed, 18n Rt, 2N mid, 15N L; Reed Cormorant present
2768979916/8/201845L:19+2N, R:24N, quick visit
2774879915/9/20180active, Die Oog closed so no nest count
2790279927/10/201858R 29N, L 27N, mid high 2N, 2+ females fed, 3+ males
281737996/1/201953old nests 25 L, 28 Rt, water level low, male CW nearby in non br plumage; several double nests
2836979916/4/20194219N left+23N Rt, mostly old nests, 5 newish nests on Rt side in group, CW flew off from here
2846379911/5/201936L: 17N old, Rt 19N old except 1 green nest, no CWs now, no water in vlei
2853979930/6/2019243+ males, L=10N, R=14N, male build, 2 Hadeda perch nr nests but no Had nest, OWWM male seen
3087679923/9/20190[c27N in photo]
2916179919/11/2019351 male in colony (-, YM), leafy trees, L=12N, R=23N; male MW visited nest (birdpix 97535)
308727991/9/202036Rt 14N +1N high, incl grN, 1m O WM - must be CV68265 as most recent possibility - breaking N L: 13N+8N high, incl grN water level - not full - affects col size?
3087379917/9/202031took videos - at least 3 females in/out nests; no nest count but 31N in photo
308747992/11/20200[27+N in photo but leafy], male building, females at nests
3087579918/11/20203131N in photo, 2 females at nests
300047993/6/202145old nests, no green nests seen, no weavers now
300347992/7/202126R 14 nests [3 double], L 12N [0 double N], most old, few grN
3004279917/7/202121R 10N - 3 double N - m display from grN of double L 11N - 0 double N - 1m
3005679925/7/202125R: 13N+1m incl 2grN L: 12N+3m incl 4grN female seen
3006179911/8/202125mostly no leaves R: 12N, 1 m (M), 2x double=same old ones, 2 ff in L: 13N, 2 m (yellow and M), yellow bld grN, 0 double
3011779925/8/202127rhs: 12N, 2 males, 2x double same, female fed, f2 lhs: 15N, 4 males - one male building ring
3026279913/10/202148right: 26N, 3+males, 4 double nests, female fed; left: 22N, 2 double nests, 2+males
3035979923/11/202136L 10N; R 26N, several double nests, female fed ch, trees very leafy
3068179918/2/202234L 10N, R 24N with 3 double nests, all old, CW seen at Die Oog
3080779924/6/202219left: 5N, male build ring right: 14N, male build green nest; double N few leaves on poplars
3087779921/8/2022272 males, female in tree but seems no breeding yet; Rt 19N, 2 double N, grN; L 8N [island etc 0N]

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