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Vm 19397
Tanganyika M. Weaver - first from Zambia

Vm 18647
Bar-winged Weaver - very long tube

Vm 18646
Red-headed Weaver - triple nests

Vm 16852
Spectacled Weaver - nest with double tube

Vm 12090
Bocage's Weaver - closeup of nests

Vm 12089
Red-headed Quelea - largest colony

Your PHOWN stats and species totals

Total records submitted to (and accepted in) PHOWN: 10

Total nests counted for PHOWN: 5043

791Spectacled Weaver1
793Red-headed Weaver2
795Bar-winged Weaver1
797Village Weaver1
806Red-headed Quelea2
811Tanganyika Masked Weaver1
3882Katanga Masked Weaver1
3942Bocage's Weaver1

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Vm 19397

Vm 18647

Vm 18646

Vm 16852

Vm 12099

Vm 12090

Vm 12089

Vm 12088

Vm 1698

Vm 1697

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1697, Village Weaver, 2011/12/6, Zambia, Wasa Camp, Kasanka NP: 12?33'S 30?17'E
1698, Red-headed Weaver, 2011/12/6, Zambia, Wasa Camp, Kasanka NP: 12?33'S 30?17'E
12088, Katanga Masked Weaver, 2009/4/28, Zambia, Lake Bangweulu;Shoebill Island
12089, Red-headed Quelea, 2011/2/8, Zambia, Kasanka National Park
12090, Bocage's Weaver, 2014/7/31, Zambia, Chitunta Plain; Luakera Stream
12099, Red-headed Quelea, 2014/3/19, Zambia, Kandia Dambo, Lavushi Manda National Park
16852, Spectacled Weaver, 2015/5/22, Zambia, Above the Luwombwa River, Kasanka NP
18646, Red-headed Weaver, 2016/1/4, Zambia, Mutinondo Wilderness
18647, Bar-winged Weaver, 2016/1/4, Zambia, Mutinondo Wilderness
19397, Tanganyika Masked Weaver, 2016/4/3, Zambia, bridge over Saisi R, near border with Tanzania