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Weaver chick now 1 year 10 months 12 days old

2011-06-27 (120)

On 25 June Southern Masked Weaver BD13864 was recaptured at Frogmore, Cape Town, in some reeds just north of Zandvlei. Although it is mid winter, this bird was virtually in full breeding plumage with a few yellow feathers left to moult on the mask. The recapture was special as it had been ringed as a chick on 13/08/2009 at Westlake, less than 1 km from the recapture site. It was in a nest in reeds and the nest had two chicks which were both well feathered. Chicks were ringed in 2007 for a study on natal dispersal in weavers.

Male Southern Masked Weavers start breeding at age 2 years (females can start at age 1 year). No nests were found near the ringing site, indicating that BD13864 has not started his first colony yet, but may do so soon. The first few weaver nests are being built at some sites in Cape Town - see PHOWN (Photos of Weaver Nests).