Taking part in PHOWN - help menu

  1. What you need and registration
  2. Counting weaver colonies
  3. Resizing photos
  4. Obtaining correct coordinates
  5. Uploading photos and data
  6. Upload problems
  7. Viewing accepted records
  8. Corrections and coordinates
  9. Repeat counts
  10. Video PHOWN

Corrections and coordinates

  1. View your records on the weaver web:
    check all details
    check the locality - zoom in on the map, click on Hybrid, zoom some more, and check that the colony is marked correctly
    if not, see below
  2. Obtaining correct coordinates

    Quick guide:

    go to google maps.
    zoom in to the relevant area (zoom in as far as you can)
    put the tip of the arrow (cursor) on the colony site
    click the right button of the mouse and select "What’s here"
    the coordinates will appear in the Google panel above the map.

    go to google maps
    type a locality in the address box
    a red marker appears if the locality is found - make sure this is the correct general area, otherwise choose another locality name; or zoom in to the correct area

    close the coordinates of the red marker (if there is one)
    click on Hybrid to also see satellite imagery
    zoom in to the colony as far as you can
    Click on the colony spot and a blue marker appears
    click on the marker and you will get coords something like -34.058004,18.504485

    email the corrected coordinates and I will correct the database
    (or use these as the decimal Latitude, Longitude in the VM form if you have not submitted the record yet)