Taking part in PHOWN - help menu

  1. What you need and registration
  2. Counting weaver colonies
  3. Resizing photos
  4. Obtaining correct coordinates
  5. Uploading photos and data
  6. Upload problems
  7. Viewing accepted records
  8. Corrections and coordinates
  9. Repeat counts
  10. Video PHOWN

Upload problems

If you have a problem submitting photos on the VM web, check the following:
  1. Can you login? If yes, go to next question. If no, you need to register to obtain a password.
  2. Did you get to page 2 of the online form? If yes, ensure that you fill in all details on page 2 correctly. If you did not get to page 2, you have omitted something on page 1 or filled in the coordinates incorrectly.
  3. If you still have a problem, please contact me (see contact details in left-side menu).