Weaver photos in Birdpix

Birdpix is a Virtual Museum project of the Animal Demography Unit, that collects photos of birds with date and location. On this site the weaver photos from Birdpix are summarised.

Of particular interest is photos of weavers showing body moult, so that we can study the timing of moult and see if this changes with climate in years to come. See current records of moulting weavers here.

Thumb-nails of most recent weaver photos in Birdpix

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Vm 58630

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Weaver photos in Birdpix, listed by species

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476Baglafecht Weaver52
779Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver63
780White-browed Sparrow-Weaver143
783Sociable Weaver48
789Scaly-feathered Finch90
790Dark-backed Weaver46
791Spectacled Weaver79
792Lesser Masked Weaver66
793Red-headed Weaver66
795Bar-winged Weaver3
796Chestnut Weaver4
797Village Weaver247
799Cape Weaver425
800Eastern Golden Weaver66
801Holub's Golden Weaver53
802Southern Brown-throated Weaver15
803Southern Masked Weaver645
804Thick-billed Weaver154
805Red-billed Quelea206
806Red-headed Quelea13
807Cardinal Quelea1
808Southern Red Bishop445
809Black-winged Bishop28
810Yellow Bishop220
812Yellow-crowned Bishop65
813Red-collared Widowbird125
814White-winged Widowbird104
815Yellow-mantled Widowbird14
816Fan-tailed Widowbird51
818Long-tailed Widowbird104
919Olive-headed Weaver5
971Marsh Widowbird2
1047Madagascar Fody82
1048Mauritius Fody35
1065Slender-billed Weaver21
1150Brown-capped Weaver1
1152Vieillot's Black Weaver2
1153Vitelline Masked Weaver4
1178Seychelles Fody3
1187Black-necked Weaver5
3718White-billed Buffalo-Weaver2
3730White-headed Buffalo-Weaver4
3746Fire-fronted Bishop1
3748Northern Red Bishop8
3754Zanzibar Bishop2
3756Mountain Marsh Widowbird6
3763Aldabra Fody2
3810Red-headed Malimbe1
3878Chestnut-crowned Sparrow-Weaver1
3880Lufira Masked Weaver1
3882Katanga Masked Weaver2
3886Strange Weaver1
3888Orange Weaver8
3894Bannerman's Weaver1
3898Golden Palm Weaver2
3902Taveta Golden Weaver1
3904Northern Brown-throated Weaver8
3910Ruppell's Weaver8
3916Golden-backed Weaver8
3918Little Weaver1
3922Yellow-backed Weaver33
3928Black-chinned Weaver1
3932Sakalava Weaver3
3934Speke's Weaver14
3940Northern Masked Weaver3
3942Bocage's Weaver1
3944Yellow-mantled Weaver1
3946Weyns's Weaver1
3952Grey-headed Social Weaver7
3954Black-capped Social Weaver1
3972Speckle-fronted Weaver7
14214Weaver family1