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PHOWN along national roads on your holiday trip

2011-12-07 (170)

Need a place to stop while on a long holiday trip? You can make the most of rest stops by looking for weaver colonies while stretching your legs, around garages along highways (one-stop, ultra-shell, etc) or even picnic spots on quieter roads.

See here for current records along national and main roads, in particular along the N3 between Durban and Johannesburg (these were submitted mostly by Arnia van Vuuren, with a few records by other observers). On the map you can zoom in on the route you are planning to take - see if any colonies have been recorded already, and submit a repeat count and photo. If there are no colonies marked along your route, look for colonies and be the first to submit the colonies along that route.

Photo: Village Weaver colony at the Ultra Shell near Estcourt (if you look at this record here, you will see it was counted in 2010 as well as 2011).