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First PHOWN record from Swaziland

2012-01-27 (181)

The first PHOWN record from Swaziland was submitted this week, being a Village Weaver colony of 12 nests photographed in September last year(see here) by Arnia van Vuuren and S Swarts. The Village Weaver is widespread through Swaziland being most common in the middleveld and lowveld of the country; its population in this country was estimated as 20000 birds (Parker V. 1994. Swaziland bird atlas 1985-1991.). 21 weaver species have been recorded in Swaziland.

See all Arnia's PHOWN records here: click on each thumb-nail to see the full record details. Arnia is one of the most active PHOWN contributors, and was the first to submit records from Ethiopia (see here) and Ghana (see here).