PAOC Conference at Goudini Spa, 7-12 Sep 2008

The 12th Pan African Ornithological Congress, was held on 7-12 September 2008 at Goudini Spa

For the first time at an international conference, there was a symposium devoted to weavers (there have been meetings and conferences dedicated to the pest Red-billed Quelea). The talks and abstracts are listed below.

Ringing at the PAOC

There was some ringing in the mornings. Unfortunately the weather was not ideal for ringing, with lots of cold and rain. However, 44 birds were caught in mistnets and spring-traps, including 6 Southern Masked Weavers. Some birds from the previous year were recaptured, including 1 Southern Masked Weaver.

Southern Masked Weaver colonies at Goudini Spa

The map shows colonies seen the previous year (28 November 2007) and during the PAOC. Colonies are shown as coloured dots:
Black dots – 2007 only (2 colonies)
Yellow dots – col 2007 & 2008 (4 colonies)
Orange dots – col 2008 only (5 colonies)

Click here for larger map (337 kB)

Weaver symposium at the PAOC

The following talks were given in the symposium, chaired by Adrian Craig and myself. The author, title and abstract are given. Weaver posters are not listed here (yet).

There were additional talks on weavers in other symposia: