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CWAC & Weaver records on the Vaal Dam, 20-22 Jan 2011

2011-01-28 (90)

The Vaal Dam CWAC (Coordinated Waterbird Counts) took place on an overcast Sunday morning on 22 january 2011. This annual event is organised by BirdLife Vaal Dam and sponsored by SASOL, and I was asked to fly up for the weekend to help. En route to, and on, the Vaal dam, I was able to record many weaver colonies. Several Southern Masked Weaver colonies were recorded at Kloofzicht where Alan Brooks took me to ring weavers. The Vaal Dam was flooded and many Southern Masked Weaver colonies, and some Southern Red Bishop colonies were found in parts of our waterbird count section. Most, but not all, colonies were recorded. The colonies were all in Eucalyptus trees, many standing in water and others on the shore. Many of these colonies would not be accessible except by boat. Thanks to skipper, Herbert, and the rest of the crew of the yacht "Baleka", Rosemary Giraud for her organising, and SASOL, for this opportunity! The weaver colonies recorded on the weekend may be viewed here.