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Ringing at Sonop farm, Paardeberg, 27 April 2019

2019-04-29 (837)

Ringing site around dam at Sonop farm
Paardeberg Inselberg is surrounded by vineyards and farms, but patches of fynbos, trees, farm dams, homestead gardens provide varied habitat and good diversity of birds. Ringing has been conducted at Bowwood farm and Fynbos Estate.

On 27 April 2019 Loutjie Steenberg, Taylyn Risi and I ringed on Sonop farm and caught 43 birds of 13 species. Three birds were recaptures from a previous ringing visit by Loutjie on 29 July 2018 - a Karoo Prinia, a Cape Weaver and a Southern Masked Weaver.

The Southern Masked Weaver shown was a recapture of ring FC16512 - it was moulting its head feathers into breeding plumage (the growing feathers with sheaths were black or yellow), rather early for a weaver in a rural area.

The species of the day was Neddicky, being the first time this species has been ringed anywhere on the Paardeberg.

This ringing session brings a total of 777 birds of 39 species ringed on the Paardeberg over 2018-19.


List of species ringed at Sonop farm:

Southern Masked Weaver
Species n
Cape Turtle Dove 1
Cape Bulbul 2
Cape Robin 6
Neddicky 2
Fiscal Flycatcher 2
Fiscal Shrike 1
Cape Weaver 8
Southern Masked Weaver 7
Yellow Bishop 4
Cape Canary 1
Bully Canary 1
Cape White-eye 5
Karoo Prinia 3
Total 43