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The Village Weaver in Mauritius

2019-04-28 (836)

The Village Weaver was introduced to the north part of Mauritius in about 1886. Some birds were brought from South Africa, this subspecies having a yellow crown and forehead in the breeding male (unlike the subspecies in the rest of Africa which have a black head - see species: Village Weaver species text). It increased in numbers to the point of becoming a pest. This species has also been introduced to other islands in the Indian Ocean and in the West Indies.

The Village Weaver is well established in Mauritius. Pieter Cronje surveyed 282 colonies along some of the main roads (see map) over 2 visits, in April 2014 and February 2015. Four colonies were in large bamboo clumps and the rest in trees. Colony size varied from 1 to 300, mean 17.1, n=266 colonies with nest counts). Many colonies are in causarina and palm trees

Village Weaver colonies in Mauritius
Village Weaver colony in palm on Mauritius
Village Weaver colony in bamboo on Mauritius