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Latest PHOWN species - Crested Malimbe

2018-10-14 (827)

The newest PHOWN species to be added is a record of the Crested Malimbe. Maans Booysen photographed a Crested Malimbe building its nest in Kakum Forest in Ghana earlier this year. The subspecies in West Africa (nigrifrons) has a smaller crest than the nominate.

phown record
Crested Malimbe at nest,
figure from PHOWN

PHOWN now has records of 94 of the 117 weaver species (80%). The weavers without PHOWN records are listed below - for some the nest has not even been described yet, while for some nests should be easy to find and photograph. (click on the species to read more about it).

Finn's Weaver Vulnerable
Black-breasted Weaver
Streaked Weaver
Red-headed Fody
Forest Fody
Bob-tailed Weaver
Northern Red Bishop common
Fire-fronted Bishop
Hartlaub's Marsh Widowbird
Jackson's Widowbird locally common
Montane Marsh Widowbird
Bates's Weaver nest unknown
Cassin's Malimbe
Gola Malimbe
Rachel's Malimbe
Maxwell's Black Weaver
Yellow-legged Weaver nest unknown
Golden-naped Weaver nest unknown
Red-bellied Malimbe
Yellow-capped Weaver rare
Preuss's Weaver
Fox's Weaver rare
Bertram's Weaver locally common
Giant Weaver locally common

PHOWN, PHOtos of Weaver Nests, is a Virtual Museum, citizen science project of the Animal Demography Unit, to collect and monitor breeding distributions and colony sizes of weaver birds globally. To take part, register and upload records at Virtual Museum (read the "How to" pdf for help).