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Bowwood (Paardeberg) repeat ringing, 21-22/04/2018

2018-04-23 (820)

Ringing sites were around the farm house, surrounding vineyards, and woodland patches
The second ringing trip to on Bowwood Farm, Paardeberg, was undertaken on 22 April 2018, 3.5 weeks since the previous visit. The top species was Cape White-eye again (n=26), but no white-eye recaptures. The table below compares the species totals from the 2 trips.
Nearly the same total number of birds was caught on both trips with 6 species caught both times. The April trip yielded more species, however, since nets were scattered over a wider area. Interesting catches included a Cape Batis and some Swee Waxbills. Four birds were recaptured: 1 Olive Thrush, 2 Karoo Prinias (clearly a pair, being caught at the same time on each trip), and 1 Southern Masked Weaver.

Thanks to Julian and Bridget Johnsen for hosting us!

birdpix 52468
Cape Batis male
Swee Waxbill male
Swee Waxbill female

Species March April
White-backed Mousebird 1 0
Cape Robin 3 2
Olive Thrush 5 3
Cape Bulbul 0 1
Fiscal Flycatcher 0 1
Cape Batis 0 1
Karoo Prinia 2 2
Southern Double-collared Sunbird 0 1
Cape White-eye 22 26
Cape Weaver 3 2
Southern Masked Weaver 8 3
Southern Red Bishop 0 1
Swee Waxbill 0 3
Streaky-headed Canary 1 0
TOTALS 45 46