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Weaver Wednesday 4 [285] - Weaver themes [22]: Update on Threatened weavers

2017-12-29 (810)

Weaver Wednesday 4: Weaver themes (Series)

Update on Threatened weavers

BirdLife International is considering changing the threat categories of 2 weavers, for referral to the IUCN Red List.

Finn's Weaver Ploceus megarhynchus: Vulnerable - uplist to Endangered or Critically Endangered?

There is evidence of a drastic decline in part of its range, and info is needed on its status in other parts of its range. Read more at Forum.

Fox's Weaver Ploceus Ploceus spekeoides: Near threatened - uplist to Endangered?

This species has a small Area of Occupancy, and may be declining. There are few recent sightings, and thus it may need to be uplisted. Read more at Forum.

Species texts on the Weaver Watch web:
Finn's Weaver Ploceus megarhynchus
Fox's Weaver Ploceus spekeoides

Finn's Weaver
Finn's Weaver male & female,
figure from Finn (1901)
Fox's Weaver
Fox's Weaver