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Weaver Wednesday 4 [283] - Weaver themes [20]: Genus Ploceus - 3. Baglafecht Weavers

2017-11-15 (808)

Weaver Wednesday 4: Weaver themes (Series)

Genus Ploceus - 3. Baglafecht Weavers

There are 8 subspecies of the Baglafecht Weaver, which differ mainly in the colour of the male head and upperparts, and also in the existence or absence of seasonal plumage changes. Females and juveniles differ from the males.

Subspecies Head of male ID notes Seasonal plumage
baglafecht crown yellow,
nape olive
  Br + NBr
neumanni crown yellow,
nape olive
brighter green upperparts than nominate, paler yellow
forehead, more clearly defined white area on belly
Br + NBr
eremobius crown yellow,
nape olive
smaller than nominate, lower breast to undertail-coverts
Br + NBr
emini crown yellow,
nape black
male breeding has back black, some mantle and back feathers
with greyish or greenish edges, grey rump, golden-yellow chin
and breast, white belly to undertail-coverts, female breeding
has black forehead and crown
Br + NBr
reichenowi crown yellow,
nape black
male has yellow behind ear-coverts (leaving black patch
around eye), female has black crown and forehead continuous
with face mask, both have nape and upperparts black, some
yellow flecking on rump, iris creamy white to yellow
no change
stuhlmanni crown black,
nape black
black head blends into face mask, female has duller cap,
both have nape and upperparts yellowish-green, underparts
no change
sharpii crown black,
nape black
breeding male has greener upperparts and paler yellow
underparts than stuhlmanni
no change
nyikae crown black,
nape black
flanks, thighs, belly and undertail-coverts greyish Br + NBr

Br + NBr = breeding + non-breeding plumage

Links to species texts for the Baglafecht Weaver:
Baglafecht Weaver Ploceus baglafecht

Baglafecht Weaver subspecies.
Note: the ranges of subspecies in Ethiopia have been adjusted here, from the older map shown here. The update is based on Ash J & Atkins J (2009. Birds of Ethiopia and Eritrea. An atlas of distribution. Christopher Helm, London)