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Weaver Wednesday [216] - Discovery [99]: Olive-headed Weaver

2016-08-03 (735)

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Olive-headed Weaver Ploceus olivaceiceps

Olive-headed Weaver
Olive-headed Weaver adult
figure from Reichenow (1902)
Olive-headed Weaver
Olive-headed Weaver adult
figure from Mackworth (1955)
Olive-headed Weaver map
Olive-headed Weaver
distribution, type locality circled


The Olive-headed Weaver was formally described by Anton Reichenow, a German ornithologist and herpetologist.

The Olive-headed Weaver was collected by Friedrich Fulleborn, a Prussian physician.

Fulleborn studied medicine and natural sciences in Berlin. From 1896 onward, he was a military physician assigned to the Schutztruppe in German East Africa (Tanzania). In 1898-1900 he participated in the Nyassa- und Kingagebirgs Expedition to southern Tanzania, where he conducted anthropological and ethnographic research. He also collected bird specimens, including the type of the Olive-headed Weaver, while near Songea

The first illustration of the Olive-headed Weaver was of an adult, published by Reichenow (1902). The next illustration was published much later by Mackworth (1955).

Scientific citation

Symplectes olivaceiceps Reichenow 1899a, Ornithol. Monatsber. 7:7, Songea, Tanzania.

Meaning of names

olivaceiceps, Modern Latin: olivaceus, olivaceous; L. -ceps, headed.

First English name

Olive-headed Golden Weaver (Shelley 1905b).

Alternate names

Olive-headed Golden Weaver.


Friedrich Fulleborn.

Date collected


Locality collected

Songea, Tanzania.

Type specimens

The type is in the Berlin Museum (ZMB_47.105).