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Aldabra Fody - first PHOWN records

2016-06-13 (725)

Nests of the Aldabra Fody

April Burt, Scientific Coordinator on Aldabra Island in the Seychelles, submitted 4 records of 3 different nests on Picard Island. Two nests were abandoned after being built, while the third successfully fledged chicks. The final record shows the chicks begging at the entrance of the nest. This nest was built in a man-made structure, something not recorded for this species previously.

The breeding season of the Aldabra Fody is from November to April. The nests are usually placed quite high in trees, but these nests were lower. The male Aldabra Fody starts building a nest and, once the female has accepted it, both sexes build. Only the female incubates the eggs but both parents feed the chicks.

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There are PHOWN records for 3 of the 7 fody species: Madagascar Fody, Seychelles Fody, Aldabra Fody. Of 117 weaver species, 91 species (78%) have at least one PHOWN record.