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Nest Record Cards and PHOWN

2016-02-12 (699)

phown 18780
Nest Record Card for Scaly-feathered Finch, one of the earliest weaver cards
There are 10133 breeding records of weavers in the southern African Nest Record Cards. The data on these cards was added to PHOWN but has now been moved to a separate database which can also show the contents of the nests (PHOWN is part of the ADU Virtual Museum database which was designed for deistribution records, rather than breeding records).

The weaver NRC data is still shown on the weaver species summaries. The PHOWN web now shows the total records in the PHOWN database as 19360 (including 577 records without photos), rather than 29493 (which also included the NRCs).

Most, but not all, of the weaver NRCs have been scanned. One of the earliest weaver cards is for a Scaly-feathered Finch from 1886 (added restrospectively).