Weaver news

Breeding interactions between weavers and other species

2015-11-21 (682)

Map of current interaction records
View an interactive map showing inter-relationships between breeding weavers and other birds (and animals). See here for an example of all interaction records in PHOWN of Lesser Masked Weavers with other species - change the species as you like to see other interactions.

Interactions include:
Nest associations - weavers and raptors or waterbirds nesting together
Nest use - other species breeding or roosting in weaver nests
Predation - predation on weaver nests by raptors or other animals
Brood parasitism - by the Diederik Cuckoo

If you have any photos that are relevant, even if from long ago, please submit to PHOWN!

PHOWN, PHOtos of Weaver Nests, is a Virtual Museum, citizen science project of the Animal Demography Unit, to collect and monitor breeding distributions and colony sizes of weaver birds globally. To take part, register and upload records at Virtual Museum (read the "How to" pdf for help).