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Africa's bird pest

2014-11-24 (597)

Bruggers RL, Elliott CCH (eds). 1989. Quelea quelea: Africa's bird pest. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

book cover
Book cover

The Red-billed Quelea is a major avian pest in sub-Saharan Africa, and this book is the classic text on the species. It summarises the biology and pest status of the quelea, and contains several colour plates of photos.

Authors and headings of book chapters:
1 De Grazio, JW. Pest birds - an international perspective.
2 Jackson, JJ & Allan, RG. Historical overview of quelea research and control.
3 Elliott, CCH. The pest status of the quelea.
4 Elliott, CCH & Lenton, GM. Monitoring the quelea.
5 Johns, BE, Bruggers, RL & Jaeger, MM. Mass-marking quelea with fluorescent pigment particles.
6 Bruggers, RL. Uses of radio-telemetry in quelea management.
7 Keith, JO, Okuno, I & Bruggers, RL. Identifying quelea populations by trace element analysis of feathers.
8 Otis, DL. Damage assessments - estimation methods and sampling design.
9 Jones, PJ. General aspects of quelea migration.
10 Jaeger, MM, Elliott, CCH, Bruggers, RL & Distribution, populations, and migration patterns of quelea in eastern Africa. Allan, RG.
11 Jones, PJ. Distribution, populations, and migration patterns of quelea in southern Africa.
12 Manikowski, S, Bortoli, L & N’diaye, A. Distribution, populations, and migration patterns of quelea in western Africa.
13 Jones, PJ. Factors determining the breeding season and clutch size.
14 Jaeger, MM, Bruggers, RL & Erikson, WA. Formation, sizes and groupings of quelea nesting colonies.
15 Jones, PJ. Quelea population dynamics.
16 Thiollay, J-M. Natural predation on quelea.
17 Erickson, WA. Feeding ecology of quelea.
18 Bashir, EA. Traditional African practices for preventing bird damage.
19 Bruggers, RL. Assessment of bird-repellent chemicals in Africa.
20 Bullard, RW & Gebrekidan, B. Agronomic techniques to reduce quelea damage to cereals.
21 Meinzingen, WW, Bashir, EA, Parker, JD, Lethal control of quelea. Heckel, J-U & Elliott, CCH.
22 Elliott, CCH & Allan, RG. Quelea control strategies in practice.
23 Jaeger, ME & Elliott, CCH. Quelea as a resource.
24 N'diaye, A, Bashir, EA & Jackson, WB. Training and extension in quelea management and research.
25 Elliott, CCH & Bruggers, RL. Conclusions and future perspectives.

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