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Updated weaver distribution maps

2014-11-06 (591)

Chestnut Weaver range

The maps on the weaver species pages have been improved! You can now see the general range of each species as well as markers for records from PHOWN and Birdpix. The PHOWN records are shown as photographic and non-photographic (eg Nest Record Cards) records. Where relevant, there are also comments on individual records. By clicking on a map marker, a new tab opens with that record, or a comment box opens on the map.

If you zoom in on the map to see satellite or map details of a record, you can switch off the yellow blob with the Toggle button to improve map visibility.

To see the species maps, click on this map and the Chestnut Weaver species text appears - the google map is at the end of the species summary. At the top of the page is a drop down menu where you can select any weaver species.

In this map of the Chestnut Weaver, comments refer show that the Northern Cape records are new out-of-range records. The Western Cape record is birds in captivity, but it was included in PHOWN since breeding in captivity for this species is uncommon.

yellow blob - range of weaver species; read more about this here.
- PHOWN records with photos
- PHOWN records with no photos (Nest Record Cards, other records)
- Birdpix records
- comments on out of range records, or interesting records