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PAPER: Weavers at Lake Kenyatta

2014-10-27 (587)

Ogoma M, Ndanganga PK, Obwoyere G 2014 The birds of Lake Kenyatta, Kenya: a preliminary survey. Bulletin of the African Bird Club 21(2):181-186 .

Abstract. The results of the first ornithological survey of Lake Kenyatta, a freshwater lake in Lamu County on the northern Kenyan coast, are presented. A total of 138 bird species belonging to 50 families were recorded. Of these, five species are of global conservation concern, four are regionally threatened, nine are restricted to the East Africa coastal biome and 20% are migratory. The lake and its surroundings are currently threatened by hippopotamus-fishermen conflicts, encroachment for agriculture and settlement, tree cutting, overfishing, invasive aquatic weeds and overgrazing. We recommend further ornithological studies and promotion of ecotourism and capacity building for communities in order for them to manage this important resource sustainably.

Golden Palm Weaver,
most common weaver at Lake Kenyatta

The authors found 6 weaver species at Lake Kenyatta, between 25 July - 8 August 2011. These were classified as resident, other than the migrant Red-billed Quelea. The Golden Palm Weaver was listed as the 7th most common bird species in this study.

Weavers recorded at Lake Kenyatta (Lake Mukunganya in google maps):

Thick-billed Weaver Amblyospiza albifrons
Village Weaver Ploceus cucullatus
Golden Palm Weaver Ploceus bojeri
Dark-backed Weaver Ploceus bicolor
Red-billed Quelea Quelea quelea
Zanzibar Bishop Euplectes nigroventris

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