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Sociable Weavers at Tswalu

2014-04-25 (509)

Robert Thomson submitted over 200 PHOWN records for the Sociable Weavers at Tswalu during the 2013 field season. many colonies now have records for 3 successive years from 2011. browsing through the records, shows how the weaver colonies have been stable or have changed in size.Eg Col 74 had 20 chambers in all 3 years; Col 145 showed a gradual increase in size over 3 years; Col 8 showed a gradual decrease over 3 years; and many colonies showed small random fluctuations.

An interesting colony was on a telephone pole where the nest extended along the telephone wires Col NV17, on a farm near Tswalu. A few colonies were burned by lightning or veld fires. In one case the ringed Pygmy Falcons were afterwards found to have moved to another Sociable Weaver colony (see photos above and Col 46).

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