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PAPER: Breeding and moult in Bannerman's Weaver

2014-01-13 (472)

Barshep Y, Manu SA. 2013. Breeding phenology and moult of the endemic Bannerman's Weaver Ploceus bannermani. Ostrich 84:231-233.

Abstract. The breeding phenology and moult cycle of the vulnerable and range-restricted Bannerman's Weaver Ploceus bannermani was studied on the Obudu Plateau in the eastern region of Nigeria. The peak breeding season was between August and October; a major cause of breeding failure was egg predation by children. The estimated start date of moult for the average bird was 21 August (SD 39.2 d), with 95% of birds starting moult between 11 June and 30 October, estimated duration of moult was 159 d (SD 7.1 d), and the estimated end date of moult was 27 February. Our results indicate there is an overlap between breeding and moult.

13 nests were found on the Obudu Plateau, south-eastern Nigeria, from March 2012 to January 2013. Nest sites included vines, shrubs and reeds whereas only bushes (or shrubs) had been recorded previously. Twelve of the 13 nests located were later destroyed or abandoned before egg-laying.

Thirty-one Bannerman's Weavers were mistnetted, and earlier data (26 moult records from 2006-07) was added, to study moult. The population mean for moult was 21 August to 27 February, thus overlapping with the peak breeding season of August to October.

One of the study nests was uploaded to PHOWN, see here.

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