Weaver news

PHOWN 2013

2013-12-27 (467)

2013 has been a great year with 3004 PHOWN records accepted, covering 23 countries and 44 weaver species. 103 citizen scientists participated during 2013. Records were submitted from all major regions where weavers occur, ie. southern, western, central and eastern Africa, the Indian Ocean islands and southern Asia.

You may be wondering how PHOWN is adding to our knowledge of weavers. Firstly, it is providing data on colony sizes of different weaver species, data that is very poorly known in general. Read more at Ranking weaver species by mean colony size. It is also providing information on nest site use - read more at Ranking weaver species by type of nest site. Most interestingly, it is providing many examples of nesting associations between weavers and other birds and animals - several links are provided at Ecological breeding associations.

Every record is valuable, so please keep sending PHOWN records in 2014 and keep browsing these web pages for interesting updates and news items!