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Weavers and wasps

2013-10-25 (438)

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Wasp and bird nests (particularly of weavers and waxbills) are often found close together, suggesting a possible symbiotic relationship. There are several published records, eg Sociable Weavers and paper wasps. There are also several examples of this association in the PHOWN database and these may be viewed here. Currently 9 different weavers are represented. Wasps include paper wasps as well as mud-nest wasps (Mud daubers). The examples of Mud dauber nests associated with weaver nests, suggest that the wasp built the mud nest on a deserted weaver nest. Mud daubers are rarely aggressive and stings are very uncommon, so the wasp nests are probably sited conveniently rather than there being any symbiosis.

If you find weaver and wasp nests close together, take a photo and upload at Virtual Museum (read the "How to" pdf for help).