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First PHOWN records from Bangladesh

2013-08-25 (409)

Bangladesh is a country in south Asia, east of India. The first PHOWN records were submitted this week by Pieter Cronje. Pieter found 4 colonies of the Baya Weaver in rural areas to the east of the capital, Dhaka. The colonies were in palm trees. Although Pieter did not see any Bayas, nests were at different stages of construction, so browse his records to see the photos. The breeding season of this species is mainly Dec-Jun in SE Asia, but Jun-Aug in Myanmar.

Three weaver species occur in Bangladesh: Baya Weaver Ploceus philippinus, Black-breasted Weaver Ploceus benghalensis and Streaked Weaver Ploceus manyar.

Bangladesh is the 30th country to have at least 1 PHOWN record. See all PHOWN records from Bangladesh here.